New Season IV Adventure is Here!

New Season IV Adventure is Here!

Season IV is full of new things to do and unique treasures to gain.

During these three months, we will be adding more and more things for you guys to enjoy.

And today, we are welcoming the first of the season’s updates.

It’s a new adventure!

Burhmere Underground

The underground is a dark series of long tunnels under the city of Burhmere. These grim tunnels are a proxy treasury for the Warlord forces. They work as in-between storage for the loot before it gets stashed in the main hideout.

This is the first-ever adventure that is limited to the season’s Cuties. 

Only Season IV heroes can descend into these tunnels.

There are about 35 Cuties in the entire game that can visit this adventure. So the competition is far from fierce.

What can I get in the new adventure?

Burhmere Underground has some of the most exclusive rewards in the season.

The most likely reward is a hefty amount of Season Experience Points. Your Cutie can get 150 in one go!

That’s huge and sure to propel you up the levelling path.

Other rewards are the crafting recipes for the most awesome of the season’s gear.

In this adventure, you can get recipes for the full blood trooper set.

Just look at some of those babies!

Among recipes, there are parts of the Strategos set.

There are also some legendary weapons in the list:

Some are powerful:

Some are designed for double wielding:

And some are absolutely exquisite!

It’s safe to say that all these items will be among the rarest in the game ever.

We hope you will love the new adventure and we can’t wait to see your Cuties rocking all this epic gear.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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