New Season Sneak Peeks: Cyber Punk Universe

New Season Sneak Peeks: Cyber Punk Universe
New Season Sneak Peeks: Cyber Punk Universe

This summer, a huge new event is coming to the game.

Season VI will take Cutieland by storm and we hope you are ready.

Today, we will share some sneak peeks to get you in the mood for what’s to come.

Season VI

The overall theme of the new season is a dystopian cyberpunk saga unraveling in the lands of the TRON empire.

A powerful dark creature appeared in the slums of the TRON empire. The local cyber-crook gangs were all too happy to have such a mighty ally at their side.

Ancient magic and the latest black market tech make a combo powerful enough to overthrow an entire city. But one city is never enough. The chaos will spread.

We’re stoked to present you an official logo of the new season.

Season VI

The season is going to be dark, futuristic, and full of adventure.

We’re bringing back everything you loved about our previous events plus something extra.

The bad guys

If you follow us on Twitter, you have seen some of the awesomeness we are preparing.

Next season’s bad guys will be quite a spine-chilling bunch.

All of them have crazy eyebrows and glowing eyes.

Oh no!

They carry weapons soaked in strawberry jam.


At least one of them is following COVID safety measures.

Yes! Over the nose, it goes.

And everyone has a certain key card.

Wonder what that’s for.

And that’s less than half of the adversaries your Cuties will face!

The good guys

During the season, the good guys, aka your Cuties, will get to wear all kinds of awesome cyber gear.

Here are some of our favorites:

Just the coolest pair of glasses probably ever.

An actual wig!

First-ever wig in Cutieland.

A best friend to take on an adventure.

We’re obsessed with this adorable robo-dog accessory.

First-ever weapon to be used underwater.

A part of a secret new set.

And, of course, some new hi-tech armor sets!

Glowing with power.

We can’t wait to share even more with you!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks, updates, and info on the coming season.

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