Open Your Own NFT Shop In Cutieland

Open Your Own NFT Shop In Cutieland
Open Your Own NFT Shop In Cutieland

Did you know that you can open your own pet shop in Cutieland?

Yes! A place to send your friends, clients, followers, and other amazing people to check out what you’re selling.

You can even create a shop for each of the game’s blockchains or use any creative concept to boost your sales.

All you will need is a Blockchain Cuties account with pet NFTs to trade.

How to set up your Cutie NFT Shop

You can start selling your own Cutie collection in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the “My Cuties” page, select the pets you want to sell, and put them on the auction.
  2. Go to your player’s profile and get your unique id from the address bar.

3. Add your id in place of xxx in the link below.

And you’re done!

Tip: You can also use all kinds of link shortener services to make your link look prettier. For example,

How to set up several concept Cutie NFT Shops

You can create all kinds of niche shops to sell your Cuties.

Here are just a few fun ideas to consider:

To open a blockchain-specific store, just add extra details to your link:

  • &blockchain=ETHEREUM
  • &blockchain=EOS
  • &blockchain=TRON
  • &blockchain=NEO
  • &blockchain=MATIC

For example, your MATIC store would be:

You can also focus on selling your tribute Cuties by adding &rarity=Fancy or even sell your uniques by adding &rarity=Unique instead.

You can even open a species-specific shop by adding:

  • &kind=Cat
  • &kind=Dog
  • &kind=Bear
  • &kind=Lizard
  • &kind=Fox
  • &kind=Hedgehog
  • &kind=Pig
  • &kind=Rabbit

The best thing about it is that you can be as specific as you want.

For example, your TRON shop selling unique bears will be located at:

To get even more specific in your offer, you can use the full force of our filtering system.

To do that, open your shop in an incognito mode, apply the needed filters and copy the resulting link from the address bar.

For example, this shop will be selling only LVL 10 to 12 hedgehogs on TRON.

The resulting link might look something like this:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Hope to see you soon in the seller’s top, Cutieneers!

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