Our Favorite Halloween Cutie Outfits

Our Favorite Halloween Cutie Outfits
Our Favorite Halloween Cutie Outfits

Good day, Cutieneers!

Halloween event is in full swing, and many Cuties already got some spooky gear to show off to the world.

This event’s crafting is quite challenging. That’s why items from Season IV and Halloween 2020 gear are still rare. But nothing is impossible for the Cutieneer community and many cool outfits are already in the game.

Therefore we’re excited to welcome you to our annual Halloween costume review!

We went through the Cutie collections from our top players in search of the best-dressed Cuties. And here are our favorite Halloween and Season IV costumes of them all.

Master of the arena

Here’s a shining example of a very cool costume gathered from rare and powerful items.

🐉🔥Creator #4 by Dragon Food

If that’s not the ultimate arena warrior, we don’t know who is.

The cool vampire

This hedgehog looks like a hip new age vampire.

Shadow the Hedgehog by Xander

It’s a very trendy look in Cutieland nowadays.

Floating lady

This get-up is super creepy. An eerie figure floats in the air and smiles at you.

Cutie by DemrightNow

The team will fix it soon, but for now, we can all enjoy the most disturbing costume ever.


Getting a full skeleton set is cool. Very few of them are in the game.

Cutie by Ebdb

But dressing a white-haired Cutie with purple eyes in it is priceless.

Mr. Change

It’s a bit annoying how fast the Christmas decorations go up right after Halloween night.

Cutie by SoulSoup

This Cutie is a symbol of this scary change. It’s ready for Christmas and even for spring.

Pointy’s three faces of death

When you look at this trio, you realize that death comes in all shapes and sizes. Just like cuteness.

We love how each look tells a story.

Even aliens are mortal

Purebred by Pointy

Launch the virus, Batty!

11E by Pointy

Near, far, wherever you are this guy is coming.

11E by Pointy

Facts don’t care for your feelings!

There are people in this world who use a carefully curated collection of facts as weapons.

🐠BRAND NEW GEN 1 by P1mze

And it’s scary. Especially with the serial offenders.

I see dead people

A player by the name CUTIELAND seems to have mastered the art of breeding unblinking Cuties that saw something they shouldn’t have.

We can’t call it a costume per se, but it’s certainty a look.

What is it?


What have you seen?

F2 5 1W1E1E Cutie t1815 by CUTIELAND

Did it hurt you?

7 3E F1F2 Cutie t15977 by CUTIELAND

Phew! It’s just their neighbor.

The unblinking red-eyed hedgehog with fangs!


How CUTIELAND manages to create Cuties that stare directly into your soul is still a mystery.

Best Cutie stylist

When we were going through your collections, one of them jumped at us as absolutely spectacular.

Dragon Food’s Cuties are the spookiest this Halloween.

Just look at these legends!

A red-eyed ghost with a matching mohawk.

🐉Mad Aigar by Dragon Food

The hallow knight from the beyond.

🐉Creator Foxy Redfox by Dragon Food

And one of our favorites — the proud cat owner who feeds his pet only with fresh chops!

🐉💡Cutie 18056 Creator 22222 by Dragon Food

We hope you enjoyed this little overview.

If you have a favorite we didn’t mention, please share it, we would love to see it in the comments.

Stay stylish, Cutieneers!

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