Quests in Cutieland: Stats and Trends

Quests in Cutieland: Stats and Trends
Quests in Cutieland: Stats and Trends

Quests became an integral part of the Cutieneer routine. While sometimes they’re daunting for the new players, people with some experience in the game tend to enjoy these challenges.

In this post, we’ll go over pre-season stats for quests and some news.

Quest stats

There are four types of quests you can take on:

  • adventure
  • raid
  • breeding
  • crafting

Adventure quests have always been more popular among Cutieneers than others.

Here’s a graph of medals Cutieneers got week by week.

It’s amazing how volatile and growing the adventure medal curve is compared to the stability of all other kinds.

In terms of medal ratios, an average month would look something like this:

On an average month, a Cutieneer gets:

  • 8.5 adventure medals for completing 5 quests
  • 3 breeding medals for completing 3 quests
  • 4 forge medals for completing 2.5 quests
  • 6 raid medals for completing 3 quests

The top players get about 20–30 medals per month in non-adventure quests and around a hundred in adventure ones.

The top questers of July 2021

Please welcome the best in quests for July!

Raid boss quests

  1. shenan — 46 medals
  2. Mr.Hate — 35 medals
  3. crptbx — 31 medals
  4. Mohikano — 27 medals
  5. Geminus — 27 medals

Forge quests

  1. SoSoDef — 34 medals
  2. Xander — 21 medals
  3. showmeyourmouth — 21 medals
  4. Gilan — 19 medals
  5. PaulTRX — 18 medals

Breeding quests

  1. tsophi — 31 medals
  2. Guardian — 14 medals
  3. PaulTRX — 14 medals
  4. Player 454204671–13 medals
  5. Mr3dds — 11 medals

Adventure quests

  1. tsophi — 116 medals
  2. SoSoDef — 102 medals
  3. mihaxp — 89 medals
  4. P1mze — 83 medals
  5. Tottallou — 81 medals

Quest News

During season VI, quests will have special rewards.

You will be able to get season crafting ingredients and season points!

The season quests will have tasks relevant to the current season’s activities, for example, going to the season’s adventures or raids.

Most of these quests will be more challenging than the non-season ones, but the reward is worth the grind.

Good luck in your quests!

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