Season IV: Crafting Ingredients Market Overview

Season IV: Crafting Ingredient Market Overview
Season IV: Crafting Ingredient Market Overview

Happy new week, Cutieneers!

This week will be a thrilling time in Cutieland. We are expecting a couple of Season IV updates to hit the live servers. Also, there is a whole new spooky event coming your way at the end of October. Yes! We’ll be keeping the Halloween tradition in Cutieland.

So make sure to stay tuned for sneak peeks, news, updates, and more.

Season IV Progress

Meanwhile, Season IV is in full swing, and two more Cutieneers managed to reach a 100th level milestone. They are:

  • DemrightNow
  • Tarantino

Congratulations on making it!

Season IV Market

As we find ourselves in the fourth week of the season, the market for crafting ingredients seems to have settled and found optimal prices for most of the goods.

We can see a healthy supply of materials and prices that reflect the challenge to get those in-game.

The most active markets are on ETH, MATIC, and TRON, while NEO and EOS are a bit behind.

Tier 1 ingredients

Prices fall as more and more Cutieneers manage to get their hands on tier 1 ingredients.

For some ingredients like wine and pine prices dropped below 1 MATIC, 0.0001 ETH, and 1 TRX.

Other ingredients like copper and cloth managed to stay at about 4 MATIC and 0.0007 ETH.

At the upper end of the tier 1 market, we can find mercury selling at a minimum of 10 MATIC and 4 TRX.

The item with the most significant difference across blockchains is dye. It costs 0.0048 ETH, 10 MATIC, and a mere 0.51 TRX.

Tier 2 ingredients

The less common tier 2 ingredient fetch higher prices on the market. This market is still young, with a limited supply of items. But there are still some layers to this segment.

On the lower part, we have ingredients like oak and bronze. Both cost almost like tier 1 ingredients, coming down to about 4 TRX and 10 MATIC.

But as supply is getting shorter, the prices grow. For example, for ingredients like honey, iron, alabaster, beer, and granite, you can safely set a price above 7 TRX. These ingredients are extremely rare on other blockchains, so they would range around 0.004 ETH and anywhere from 20 to 50 MATIC.

On the high end of the tier 2 market, we can find philosopher’s stone and celestial bronze. Each of these items goes for 30–40 TRX on the more saturated TRON market. While on the Ethereum and Matic markets, the prices are:

  • Celestial bronze: from 0.27 ETH and 400 MATIC
  • Philosopher’s stone: from 0.1 ETH and 79 MATIC

Tier 3 ingredients

Tier 3 ingredients market is still young, and there are very few items of each kind on offer.

You can still see offers as wild as 5 ETH per ingredient in this segment.

However, some of these ingredients seem to have found a more or less optimal price on the TRON market.

Most of the tier 3 ingredients have prices around 200–250 TRX. For other’s more hard-to-get ingredients, like aether or tapestry, you can expect prices around 400–500 TRX.

On the very top of the market, you can find two of the most expensive ingredients:

  • Sapphire: from 1 240 TRON, 1 500 MATIC, and 0.1 ETH
  • Adamanat: from 2 500 TRON

We hope this overview helps your buying and selling decisions.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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