Season IV: How It’s Going

Season IV: How It's Going
Season IV: How It's Going

Did you know that we’re approaching the halfway mark of Season IV?

There are less than 50 days to go, and most of the season’s updates are already live.

We are thrilled to see all the tournaments, adventuring, raiding as well as first Cuties facing the epic boss of the season.

As you participate in all these activities, you get season points and move along the season’s path. Most Cutieneers are at levels 20–50, but some made their way super far.

The current top of Season IV is:

  1. Spigfun — level 170
  2. Capronicus — level 163
  3. Dragon Food — level 160
  4. DemrightNow — level 139
  5. Tarantino — level 127
  6. Sayembara — level 126
  7. PhadeOut — level 119
  8. SoulSoup — level 118
  9. Rondior — level 105
  10. Zimonstown🎃 — level 104


Three of the top players managed to claim one of the most exclusive unique Cuties of the season — the Brigand Knight.

This Cutie looks bloodied, jittery, and opportunistic. The Brigand Knight also has a unique animation with winking, smirking, and banging his sword against his shield.

Brigand Knight by Dragon Food

Congrats to Spigfun, Capronicus, and Dragon Food !

Boss craftables

Meanwhile, three more Warlord Cuties joined the game.

Three more people managed to wrestle the boss token out of Warlord’s cold lizard hands.

Congratulations to Tottallou, Vikas612, and Sayembara!

There are only six Warlords in the game so far.

What’s next?

The next big season milestone is level 300.

This level is unlikely to reach, but that’s where the final reward is hiding. Those who manage to get there will be able to claim a Highwayman token.

This Cutie is an ultimate unique of Season IV.

His initial stats are:

Even one such Cutie joining the game will be huge, and we keep our fingers crossed that the remaining days will be enough for someone to get to him.

We can’t wait to see more of your triumphs in the season.

Stay tuned for more updates and news.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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