Season IV Overview

Season IV Overview
Season IV Overview

We are stoked to welcome you to the biggest event in Cutieland. Season IV is open!

This post will help you orient around the season and make the most of it.

Season’s Special Adventure

Burhmere crossroads adventure is open for Cuties to explore!

Burhmere crossroads adventure

There, depending on your Cutie’s level, it will meet all kinds of unsavory characters.

But the rewards are absolutely worth the risk!

You will get 20 attempts per day at this adventure by default. But with a season pass, you can get even more.

Season’s Raid

A new powerful villain has arrived in Cutieland. It’s the warlord that goes by the name Kaiser.

Kaiser is quite powerful, but he holds great treasures.

And the best part is, that there are no limitations to fight him. Any Cutie can go!

You will get five attempts per day at raiding Kaiser by default. But with a season pass, you can get even more.


Cutieland’s tournaments are on!

To get to the list of tournaments go here:

Choose the one you like best.

And send your champion to bring you the prize along with Glory Points.

After the tournament concludes, see the brackets and the final results.

And watch battles in action!

Yes! The never seen before Cutie fights are here!

Season Paths

Claim your level rewards and see how you stack up against other Cutieneers!

It’s the heart of the season, and we’re so happy to welcome you here.

On this page, you can get your pass or even take advantage of the bundle deal and skip 25 levels ahead of the competition.

Glory Shop

Remember Glory Points you can get in Cutie tournaments?

Glory Shop is where you can put them to use.

Get recipes and crafting ingredients for your exclusive season gear.

Glory Shop supplies change periodically, so make sure to visit it once in a while to check for the best offers.

Season Crafting

Explore a huge list of craftable gear!

We added an enormous amount of amazing items for you to create.

Just click on the item to get its recipe.

Season Uniques

Season IV would not be complete without a new helping of epic heroes.

There are all kinds of Cuties for you to meet.

From dark and mysterious ones.

Get yours here

To the ultimate sweethearts.

Get yours here

Check them all out here:

Unique Cuties in the collectible crypto game Blockchain Cuties
Don’t miss your chance to get super rare pets now! Super rare pets have slight advantage in PVP as they get bonus for…

Good luck in the season, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for more details, updates and fun!

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