Season IV: Seeing the Finish Line

Season IV: Seeing the Finish Line
Season IV: Seeing the Finish Line

Lately, it feels like the initial craziness of Season IV died down a bit.

We are two months in, and most of the season’s unique gear and Cuties are already in the game.

So is it time to relax and aspire to the Christmas event? Not yet.

We still have one major update up our sleeve.

We’re excited to announce that high-stakes tournaments are coming to you this November.

More on this here.

How is Season IV going?

Despite a bit of a slowdown, we can see most of the players steadily leveling up in the season.

In the last couple of weeks, two of our top players managed to reach the 200 level mark and take over the leadership in the season.

The current top of Season IV is:

  1. Capronicus — level 214
  2. Dragon Food — level 203
  3. Spigfun — level 191
  4. DemrightNow — level 169
  5. PhadeOut — level 165
  6. SoulSoup — level 160
  7. Tarantino — level 158
  8. Simonstown🦇 — level 149
  9. Sayembara — level 147
  10. Amilcar Fernandez R2 — level 144


Four more of the top players managed to claim one of the most exclusive unique Cuties of the season — the Brigand Knight.

Congrats to DemrightNow, PhadeOut, SoulSoup, and Tarantino!

Boss craftables

No more Warlords joined the game since our last review a couple of weeks ago.

There are still only six of them in the entire Cutieland.

Also, there are no orks. No one yet managed to steal a super rare token from the leader of greenskins.

We can’t wait to see who gets the first greenskin in the game!

The final prize

The final reward of the season is still far away.

We keep our fingers crossed that someone will reach it until the time runs out.

Good luck in the season, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for the final update and more news from us.

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