Season IV Will Have Tournaments!

Season IV Will Have Tournaments
Season IV Will Have Tournaments

The opening of Season IV is about a week or two away. And we can’t wait to welcome you to this new event.

Season IV will have everything you know and love about our seasons. Plus, there will be two new things that will take it to the next level.

In the upcoming season, we will present the new sophisticated crafting and Cutie tournaments.

In this post, we will talk tournaments, because it’s a completely new feature, and we are stoked to announce it.

BCU tournaments

We have been experimenting with tournaments for a while. In the previous weeks, Tehn hosted some of them on the Pawedcast, and it was super fun.

Since most Cutieneers liked the idea, we are introducing tournaments to Season IV.

How tournaments will work

Season IV will have multiple tournaments that you will be able to join.

Each of them will have their timeframes, conditions, and prizes.

Some tournaments will be limited to certain Cutie types or/and levels. Some will be free, and some will have a cost to join.

How to join the tournament

Season IV will present a list of tournaments for you to choose from.

Once you choose the tournament, you will need to pick a champion to compete. The champion will need to be equipped according to the rules of the tournament. For example, the limitations might concern the item enchantment levels or item level requirements.

Tournament process

Once the tournament begins, participating Cuties will start fighting each other.

The tournament will follow the same pattern we did on the Pawedcast.

There will be several stages played to determine the winner.

One stage consists of three fights between two Cuties. The Cutie that wins at least two times is the winner. The Cutie that loses is eliminated from the tournament.

If your Cutie wins a round, it moves to the next stage to fight another contestant.

Cuties will move through the stages until there are only two Cuties left fighting for the champion’s title.

You will be able to see the whole tournament grid in the game.

Tournament prizes

Once the tournament is over you will be able to claim your prizes.

We are preparing all kinds of prizes for you. There will be exclusive items as well as crafting materials and even coins.

We will get into all of the season’s rewards in later posts, so stay tuned for that.

We hope you are excited about tournaments. Make sure to prepare your champions.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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