Season Rewards Anyone Can Get

Season Rewards Anyone Can Get
Season Rewards Anyone Can Get

One of the most exciting things in the season is moving along the season’s path.

There are so many rewards that you can claim almost every single day.

The more active you are in the game, the faster you move forward.

You can check the activities that help to advance your level here:How To Level Up in Season V – Blockchain Cuties Universe – Blog
Season V might be the most challenging event we made in Blockchain Cuties’ history. This time you will need to flex all…

On the path, there are rewards anyone can claim and rewards that are very far off.

And in today’s post, we will discuss rewards that almost anyone can claim during the season, meaning the prizes you get from level 1 up to level 50.

Thanks to the Cutieneer community effort, every Cutieneer got propelled to almost 20 levels up the path. So it’s mega realistic to reach at least level 50 by the end of the season.

Free path rewards

The free path is beautiful. No investment is needed, and all you have to do is show up.

So what can you possibly expect from this season if you walk the basic path on easy mode?

A good number of consumables:

  • 40 bottles of Adventure Potion (Personal)
  • 37 cans of Cutenergy Drink (Personal)
  • 40 Small Cloth hangers (Personal)

Some lootboxes:

  • 12 Closed Wooden Lootboxes

Season gear:

  • ASF Biremon Arrow Wrist Watch (Personal)
  • ASF Headgear (Personal)
  • ASF Ice Axe (Personal)
  • ASF Marksman Kit (Personal)

And 650 Paw Coins.

It’s quite a nice bag of prizes to claim.

Premium path rewards

The premium path requires a season pass to enter. So there’s a little bit of investment needed.

Are the prizes you can count on, if you play on easy mode, worth the investment? It’s up to you to decide. Just factor in additional perks that the pass provides to make this accurate.

The list of premium rewards anyone can get is quite impressive.

First of all, you get a very cool Petty Ice Monster Crafting Token that you can upgrade in the forge.How To Grow Your Ice Monster – Blockchain Cuties Universe – Blog
Petty Ice Monster is the first reward on the premium season path. It’s adorable, and it looks very unique. But it’s…

Then there are two sets of season gear:

  • ASF Biremon Arrow Wrist Watch (Personal)
  • ASF Blizzard Freeride Skis (Personal)
  • ASF Headgear (Personal)
  • ASF Ice Axe (Personal)
  • ASF Marksman Kit (Personal)
  • Blizzard Trooper Handguards (Personal)
  • Blizzard Trooper Helmet (Personal)
  • Blizzard Trooper Thermal Armor (Personal)

Magic wallpapers:

  • 5 Blizzard Wallpapers (Personal)


  • 2 Closed Wooden Lootboxes
  • 2 Lootboxes of Red Wood
  • 4 Wooden Lootboxes

Keys to season adventures:

  • 71 Lake Fleila Keys
  • 26 Glacier Foot Keys

A lot of consumables:

  • 100 bottles of Adventure Potion
  • 75 bottles of Christmas Adventure Energy Potion (Personal)
  • 44 bottles of Raid Energy Drink

Crafting ingredients:

  • 5 pieces of Obsidian Glass
  • 8 Regular Tool Kits

All these prizes are a great reason to come back to the season’s page time and time again.

Good luck on your path, Cutieneer!

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