Season V Final: Crafting Statistics

Season V Final: Crafting Statistics
Season V Final: Crafting Statistics

Less than a week is left to finish your season crafting projects.

The new season is approaching, so it’s about time to recap all that the Cutieneer community has managed to craft so far.


A huge number of ice monsters joined the game.

222 monsters in total!

It’s an impressive number of new heroes running around.

In terms of monster types, most of them ended up being either petty or strong.

We can see the tendency that most Cutieneers either worked very hard to get the best Cutie possible or cashed in their tokens almost immediately.

There is also a surprisingly large number of ice demons.

This time, 13 Cutieneers reached level 300 in the season and managed to claim this Cutie.

It’s a record number of players getting this far.

Getting the next Cutie required strategy, luck, and the best warriors.

We were super worried that she will never appear in the game.

But two great Cutieneers managed to do it!

Now there are two Skadis in the game.

Sets and items

Season V was huge in terms of crafting challenges. But the community still managed to get its share of epic winter gear.

There are already more than five Demon sets in the game.

Cutieneers managed to create more than 40 Skadi’s sets.

And almost ten golden ones.

More than 80 Crystal Armor sets appeared in the game during the season.

The Watcher’s set was crafted more than a hundred times.

More than 130 Winter Trooper sets appeared in the game.

The Arctic Marksman set beats all records this season.

More than a thousand complete sets are now in the game!

And what about the most insane crafting project of the season — the Demon Sword?

So far, Cutieneers managed to craft two!

Congratulations on your crafting achievements!

More awesome projects are coming very soon.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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