Season V: How It’s Going

Season V: How It's Going
Season V: How It's Going

It’s been a bit more than a couple of weeks since the start of Season V.

During this time, we had a bumpy ride with all the new mechanics we added. But as we introduced the latest patch, things are back on track.

The Cutieneer community has achieved a lot since the start of the season. So in this post, we would like to go over the greatest achievements so far.

Season’s Top

Currently, the maximum level achieved in the season is LVL 92. And the top stars of the season are:

  1. Sayembara — LVL 92
  2. Spigfun — LVL 72
  3. Capronicus — LVL 70
  4. Amilcar Fernandez R2 — LVL 62
  5. Dragon Food — LVL 59
  6. P1mze — LVL 58
  7. Bongman — LVL 51
  8. Sactoken — LVL 51
  9. Ebdb — LVL 48
  10. FishojoyRoyal — LVL 48

Congratulations on taking the lead!

Ice monsters

The signature heroes of this season — ice monsters are slowly joining the game.

Two Cutieneers managed to take their ice monsters to the ultimate level.

It’s amazing to see how fast they managed to enchant their tokens and get the final form of this Cutie.

🐉Kuraokami and Aonir the Wanderer

Congratulations, Dragon Food and Spigfun Royal Guard!

While these two legends invested in their tokens, others decided to put them up for adoption.

Make sure not to miss these tokens on the items market:

Ingredients market

The ingredients market is already full of great offers to aid your crafting efforts.

The most popular ingredient to be bought and sold are Ice Crystals. During a couple of weeks of the season, more than 250 lots got sold on all blockchains.

About half of those deals were done on TRON

And the supply numbers are relatively high.

Other more rare ingredients like Obsidian Glass have a much more limited supply. Obsidian Glass has sold about 30 times so far.

Even more limited ingredients like Shiny Pearls only started appearing on the market, having a bit more than a dozen deals so far.

Ingredients like Cold Ore and Dragon Scales are still relatively rare and unpopular on the market.

Key market

An entirely new section of the market is open! It’s the key market.

You can buy or sell keys to all the new season adventures.

So far, Lake Fleila Key is the most popular and the most sold one.

We wish you the best of luck in the season.

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