Season V: Preparing for Spring

Season V: Preparing for Spring
Season V: Preparing for Spring

Less than two weeks to go before the end of Season V.

Cutieland’s winter was long, cold, and dangerous, but it’s almost over.

When Cuties got a bit used to fighting against Skadi, another vicious villain appeared on the scene.

It was the Ice Demon — a powerful creature wielding elemental magic and a cursed ancient weapon.

So far, Cuties found it hard to deal with this new threat. But we think the dynamic will improve very soon.

Crafting slowed down as players considered new options that opened up with the arrival of the Ice Demon. Every Cutieneer would like to have the new demon set and the season’s epic sword. But the costs of producing those items are steep. Maybe too steep for the remaining time in the season.

Season’s Top

A new face appeared in the season’s top ten. And we are super surprised to see that happened.

N3RDSLAY3R stormed in and took 8th place.

Congratulations and welcome to the top!

Meanwhile, Refrim took 6th place from PhadeOut, and Mihaxp got ahead of Tottallou.

We can’t wait to see what the final top 10 will be.

The current top is:

  1. Bongman — LVL 349
  2. Sayembara — LVL 331
  3. Corleone — LVL 306
  4. Soulsoup — LVL 295
  5. Capronicus — LVL 289
  6. Refrim — LVL 287
  7. Phadeout — LVL 286
  8. N3RDSLAY3R — LVL 271
  9. Mihaxp — LVL 269
  10. Tottallou — LVL 268

Awesome progress this week! Congratulations!

Season Pets

Ice Monster

A record number of Ice Monsters joined the game last week.

Fifteen more monsters are now running around Cutieland!

There was one regular Ice Monster, eight strong ones, one mighty Ice Moster, and one grand.

The remaining four joined in their final form as azure Ice Monsters.

By PhadeOut, by Tarantino, by Spigfun, and by Rondior

Congratulations on getting season V signature Cuties in your fold!

Ice Demon

The third Ice Demon joined the game last week.

DAEMON !! by Corleone

And it’s for sale on TRON!

Congratulations to Corleone for getting to level 300!


No Skadis appeared in the game.

We hope someone manages to get the token before the time runs out. After all, Skadi is the only giant Cutie in a game, and it would be a shame to say goodbye to her after the end of the season.

Ingredients market

As season’s time runs out, the situation on the ingredients market becomes more intense.

People who finished their season crafting are keen to drop their crafting ingredients as soon as possible. On the other hand, some players need to stock up on ingredients to finish their projects in time. It’s a time of huge turbulence before all of those ingredients become essentially worthless.

The prices of Ice Crystals dropped on all blockchains except for TRON, while the demand is jumping up and down like crazy.

Screenshot 2021 03 29 at 16 57 00

The prices of Obsidian Glass declined on all blockchains except for ETH, and demand is also falling.

Screenshot 2021 03 29 at 16 57 08

Prices for Shiny Pearls nosedived to the record low, and the demand followed suit everywhere except for MATIC blockchain.

Screenshot 2021 03 29 at 16 57 17

Surprisingly, Dragon Scale prices remained more or less stable, and the decrease in demand is not significant if compared to other commodities.

Screenshot 2021 03 29 at 16 57 26

Demon Blood is also keeping some of its demand, while prices grow on some blockchains and fall on others.

Screenshot 2021 03 29 at 16 57 35

A new commodity — Corrupted Magic Dust has appeared on the market. It started trading for relatively low prices.

There’s almost no demand for it so far.

We wish you a great week ahead. Finish this season strong!

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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