Season V: The Dawn of Spring

Season V: The Dawn of Spring
Season V: The Dawn of Spring

It’s finally spring and, after all these weeks, Cuties mastered the ways to fight back against the ice demons.

The hope shined in the heart of every Cutie until an enormous shadow fell on the valley beneath Mount Sudarl. Someone came to join the demons in their quest to destroy these lands.

The creature is huge, enraged, and skillful at surviving in the cold of the north.

Cuties find yet another challenge on their paws.

The latest season V update is live, and you can send your Cuties against the epic raid boss.

We were super excited to see how fast and furious the first few battles came and went.

With all this excitement, Cutieneers are as active in the season as ever. And today, we are reviewing what happened during last week in Cutieland.

Season’s Top

There are few changes in the season’s top since the last week.

Cutieneers continue fighting for the top spots, and we saw several shifts happen during the week. However, all the last week’s top players managed to keep themselves in the top ten.

The current top of the season is:

  1. Sayembara — LVL 235
  2. Bongman — LVL 232
  3. Corleone — LVL 193
  4. Capronicus — LVL 183
  5. SoulSoup — LVL 182
  6. Refrim — LVL 175
  7. Mihaxp — LVL 168
  8. PhadeOut — LVL 168
  9. Amilcar Fernandez R2 — LVL 167
  10. Tottallou — LVL 153

Congratulations to top Cutieneers!

Season Pets

Metal Ox

The population of 2021’s talismans keeps growing. This Cutie is becoming super popular in the game.

Currently, there are 51 Metal Oxen in the game. Twenty new talismans joined the game.

Some of the Metal Oxen have even entered the pet market on TRON.

Get yours here

Ice Monster

Six monsters joined the game last week.

Two of them are quite nice.

Cutie by Refrim
Ice 17/16+117%+112%B3 by Mihaxp

But four of them are real beasts.

💎💎PERF by Amilcar Fernandez R2
🐉Larimar by Dragon Food
Yuki-onnā by SoulSoup
1💨2⚡7💧Hyrrokkin by Capronicus

Congratulations on getting those badass warriors on your side!

Last week was also when the ice monster token trade started accelerating.

Now you can find more and more monsters to adopt, and prices are becoming competitive.

New heroes

Two new craftable heroes are waiting for you.

No one got Skadi or Ice Demon yet, but we can’t wait to see them in the game.

Ingredients market

The ingredient trade was blooming last week.

Most ingredients have seen an increase in prices and demand. It seems that the season crafting is on the rise once again.

Ice Crystals are gradually losing market positions to other ingredients. Both supply and demand have decreased since last week.

Screenshot 2021 03 01 at 18 02 38

Obsidian Glass had a great week. Demand is picking up, and more and more offers appear.

Screenshot 2021 03 01 at 18 02 47

Shiny Pearls had a volatile week with increase supply, price jumps, and great interest from the community.

Screenshot 2021 03 01 at 18 03 04

Dragon Scales are the star of the week. Prices and sales skyrocketed.

Screenshot 2021 03 01 at 18 03 25

Demon Blood is also gaining momentum with a visible increase in both supply and prices, while the demand remains stable.

Screenshot 2021 03 01 at 18 03 34

This week is going to be super fun.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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