Season V: What’s New?

Season V: What's New?
Season V: What's New?

We’re entering a new week of Season V.

A lot has happened in the game during the past few days. 

Cutieneer community was active in adventures, trade, raiding, and crafting. A lot has changed on the markets and we saw some great achievements. 

And even more activity and planning happened behind the scenes.

We’re planning a new update following your feedback, as well as releasing some new goodies for you guys.

Season’s Top

Top 10 has changed, with some of the Cutieneers climbing up and some falling from their top positions.

We can see some players making amazing progress and some doing just enough to keep their positions in the lead. There are also new names at the top, which is super exciting to see. It seems that the competition is heating up.

The current top of the season is:

  • Sayembara — LVL 137
  • Amilcar Fernandez R2 — LVL 86
  • Capronicus — LVL 86
  • Bongman — LVL 82
  • Spigfun — LVL 76
  • Dragon Food — LVL 73
  • P1mze — LVL 69
  • Corleone — LVL 69
  • Sactoken — LVL 62
  • Tottallou — LVL 61

Congratulations to top Cutieneers!

Ice monsters

There are two more Ice Monsters in the game! We love seeing these stars of the season joining the game.

One of the Cutieneers managed to bring their monster to its final form.

The Ancient Wendigo by Player Two

The other stopped at the fifth Ice Monster stage.

Cutie by FishojoyRoyal

Congratulations Player Two and FishojoyRoyal!

Meanwhile, Ice Monster tokens are super rare on the items market.

We managed to find only one for sale:

Ingredients market

The supply of some of the season’s crafting ingredients decreased since last week.

For example, there are almost six thousand ice crystals being sold right now as compared to last week’s nine thousand. Meanwhile, the prices for them have dropped significantly.

Nevertheless, the demand for these ingredients remains roughly the same.

While the supply of some ingredients falls, it rises for others.

Ingredients like Obsidian Glass and Shiny Pearls are slowly filling up the market.

The supply of rare Dragon Scales has skyrocketed.

While Cold Ore is still very rare.

Key market

The supply on the key market is booming.

All types of keys have entered the market on most of the game’s blockchains.

The rarest keys are already on the market

However, the demand for these goods is rather low.

Lake Fleila Key remains Cutieneer’s favorite to both buy and sell.

We wish you to achieve all your goals this week.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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