Season V: What’s New?

Season V: What's New?
Season V: What's New?

It’s the last day of Season IV. We hope you claimed all the rewards and managed to get the most of this event.

Season IV was one of the most intense and packed events we have ever held. And we learned a lot.

We’ll be bringing the best of Season IV to you in the next season. You’ll get everything you expect from a season in this game. A new adventure, new raids, new heroes, new rewards, and new crafting. But that’s not all. Some unique goodies are waiting for you as well.

New in Season V

A new way of doing tournaments

Season V will come with an update of the tournament system.

Tournaments will no longer have level ranges. Each tournament will accept Cuties of a single experience level. For example, level one tournament will allow only LVL 1 Cuties.

There will be tweaks in the system of element rotation as well as an overall improvement of the experience.

We worked hard to make tournaments more inclusive for all types of Cuties in the game.

High stakes

Off-chain currencies and high takes tournaments are coming to you in the upcoming season.

You will be able to bet and win cryptocurrency in the game’s tournaments.

What’s more, transactions will happen super fast and with minimal costs thanks to our off-chain wallet system.

Read more about tournaments here and more about off-chain currencies here.

A new type of Season Adventure

Season adventure is going to be very different from the ones we did before.

It will have several levels for you to unlock. As you make your way to the higher levels, each next one will have more ferocious enemies and better rewards.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the new season!

Stay tuned for more information, guides, and FAQ’s and don’t forget to claim all your Season IV rewards.

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