Season VI Champions: Week Eight

Season VI Champions: Week Eight
Season VI Champions: Week Eight

After Cyber Daegna’ar appeared on the scene, many Cuties felt even more compelled to join the fight. Thousands of little raiders and adventurers geared up to try their luck in the final battle of TRON city.

Victory seems close, and little heroes get more powerful as we speak.

In this post, you will find out how much of the season’s loot the Cutieneer community managed to farm and meet Cutie champions of Reckoning.

Season’s loot


This week, Cuties went all out and farmed 200K more season ingredients than the week before. It’s a record number, and Cutieland’s stores are filling up with fresh season crafts.

During the past week, Cutieneers got more than 4.9 million crafting ingredients.

The most common were:

  1. Cable — 2 614 125
  2. CPU — 526 335
  3. Capacitor — 366 204
  4. Pine — 345 094
  5. Marble — 232 255

The rarest were:

  1. Steel — 54
  2. Healing Salve — 82
  3. Dried Herbs — 133
  4. Celestial Bronze — 257
  5. Philosophers Stone — 288

Here’s a complete picture of the total loot for the week (minus cable):

See the interactive version here


During week eight Cutieneers sourced 1,6K schematics. 

Almost a thousand of them were corrupted. But some showed how to craft awesome hi-tech gear. 

The most common schematics were:

  1. Schematic: Egg Thief Gang Bracelets — 138
  2. Schematic: Gang Scrap Rewired Gauntlet — 93
  3. Schematic: Written word of Eggbert — 69
  4. Schematic: Wrath of the Ascended Mask — 62
  5. Schematic: Militech Power Gauntlet — 61

The rarest were:

  1. Schematic: Militech Ballistic Rifle — 2
  2. Schematic: Egg Priest Scepter — 4
  3. Schematic: Militech Trooper Armor — 4
  4. Schematic: Militech Rail Turret — 5
  5. Schematic: The Egg Shrine — 6

Here’s a complete picture of the total schematics for the week:

See the interactive version here

Epic loot

Raid bosses hold the best rewards of the season — two lootboxes of great gifts.

During week eight:

Last week, Player 591219257 has taken over the Neon District. Their fighters took all the top spots.

But this week, it’s different. A champion trained by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue managed to rip the ultimate victory from red lizard paws.

🥇 🌶️x🐕 Aydar Gaynullin by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 149 wins

🌶️x🐕 Aydar Gaynullin by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 149 wins

🥈 Glen and 🥉 Max by Player 591219257–148 and 147 wins respectively


There’s also a major change in Abandoned Subway Station. None of the previous week’s leaders remained in the top. Fighters trained by King Nerd and Tiifu have pushed everyone else aside.

🥇 (S) 34⚔️34🛡️-7🧞‍♂️18🎯 by King Nerd — 90 wins

(S) 34⚔️34🛡️-7🧞‍♂️18🎯 by King Nerd — 90 wins

🥈 Grawror by Tiifu — 87 wins

Grawror by Tiifu — 87 wins

🥉 (S) 31⚔️36🛡️-7🧞‍♂️19🎯 by King Nerd — 84 wins

(S) 31⚔️36🛡️-7🧞‍♂️19🎯 by King Nerd — 84 wins

FortuFX is the ruler of the seas! It’s the fourth week in a row their champion makes it to the top. Viracocha managed to keep their position for the second week in a row.

Who knew cats can be so good at swimming.

🥇 🐱💎🌎6 and 🥈 Shocked by FortuFX — 89 wins each

image 1

🥉 Cutie by Viracocha — 84 wins

Cutie by Viracocha — 84 wins

Gilan and 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue are still fighting it out in the TronTec Tower Network. But this week 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue’s champion managed to leave everyone else in the dust with 123 wins in this adventure.

🥇 Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 123 wins

Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 123 wins

🥈 Shut up Chicken and 🥉 Prase v žitě 🐗 by Gilan — 96 wins each

image 2

For the third week in a row 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue dominates Soranus Facility adventure. We are also happy to welcome Jones to the top.

It seems Soranus Facility loves boars. And we don’t blame them.

🥇 Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 37 wins

Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 37 wins

🥈 DOSH and 🥉 Tron — Bubblegum by Jones — 36 wins each

image 3

Raid champions

On week eight, the maximum number of raid victories for a Cutie was 22.

And three Cuties achieved that result.

🎒r1–2 and 🎒r1–1 by lokiorl as well as Doge by joize

image 4

Tournament champions

This week, the maximum number of tournament victories for a Cutie was 14. 

And two Cuties managed this.

Simba by AquilaS (Aquila Scutum) and Cutie by Mr3dds each scored 14 victories

image 5

Keep training fierce fighters!

Stay tuned for more fun stats and news.

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