Season VI Champions: Week Four

Season VI Champions: Week Four
Season VI Champions: Week Four

Season VI is 30% done, and many Cutieneers achieved amazing things during this time. But new challenges are coming soon, so we wouldn’t advise resting on your laurels just yet.

In this post, you will find out how many season ingredients the Cutieneer community managed to farm and meet the season’s Cutie champions.

Season’s loot

The amount of loot Cutieneers get from season adventures keeps growing. Geared-up Cuties, additional energy slots, and potions all contribute to increased success rates.

During week four, Cutieneers got more than 4.7 million crafting ingredients.

The most common were:

  1. Cable — 2 587 305
  2. CPU — 470 580
  3. Capacitor — 363 640
  4. Pine — 362 344
  5. Wine — 198 048

The rarest were:

  1. Steel — 47
  2. Healing Salve — 47
  3. Dried Herbs — 71
  4. Celestial Bronze — 149
  5. Philosophers Stone — 155

Here’s a complete picture of the total loot for the week (minus cable):

Season’s Heroes

Player 591219257 and 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue still rule in the Neon District. Their Cuties managed to amass the most wins.

Among the champions, we once again see Castor and Glen. They are the stars of the district.

Castor by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 142 wins
Glen by Player 591219257–136 wins
Carl by Player 591219257–133 wins

Abandoned Subway Station is conquered by King Nerd. All the top five champions are trained by this Cutineer veteran.

The top three all are season’s uniques.

32⚔️34🛡️17🎯-11🧞‍♂️ by King Nerd — 100 wins
43⚔️47🛡️40🧞‍♂️23🎯 by King Nerd — 98 wins
31⚔️35🛡️15🎯-9🧞‍♂️ by King Nerd — 91 wins

Ruins of Nyoto are taken over by lizards trained by different Cutieneers.

It makes perfect sense that they outswam the rest of the Cuties.

Leon by Player 591219257–80 wins
🦎💦 by Player 457696156–79 wins
Noble ✈️10💧3🔥3 by FortuFX — 78 wins

The best hackers of the week belong to 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue and Gilan. TronTec Tower Network is not a welcoming place, and the heroes look the part.

Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 112 wins
Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 88 wins
Prase v žitě 🐗 by Gilan — 80 wins

🐶⛑ Doge Rescue, King Nerd, and Gilan were the most successful in Soranus Facility. Their season uniques were tirelessly winning all week.

Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 40 wins
Cutie by 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 37 wins
31⚔️35🛡️15🎯-9🧞‍♂️ by King Nerd — 35 wins

Tournament champions

The most tournament wins a single Cutie scored on week four was 14.

And only two fighters by Mr3dds did it:

Cutie by Mr3dds — 14 wins
One Punch Saitama by Mr3dds — 14 wins

Keep training amazing pets, Cutienners!

Stay tuned for more fun stats and news.

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