Season VI Champions: Week Nine

Season VI Champions: Week Nine
Season VI Champions: Week Nine

The battle of TRON city is raging on. But it seems that the streets became darker and weird whispers travel through empty alleys. Something is coming.

But Cutieland’s heroes couldn’t be more ready. As weeks go by, Cuties gain more and more victories against Dr. Eireen Holmes and her minions. Little heroes gear up to banish Daegna’ar forever and take back the latest tech that is serving his evil plans.

In this post, you will find out how much of the season’s loot the Cutieneer community managed to farm and meet Cutie champions of Reckoning.

Season’s loot


This week, Cuties went all out and farmed 300K more season ingredients than the week before. It’s a hair-raising number. It seems that Cutieneer crafting efforts will be well supported, and we will see even more season gear in action.

During the past week, Cutieneers got more than 5.2 million crafting ingredients.

The most common were:

  1. Cable — 2774730
  2. CPU — 530070
  3. Capacitor — 398124
  4. Pine — 373785
  5. Marble — 251345

The rarest were:

  1. Steel — 46
  2. Healing Salve — 89
  3. Dried Herbs — 128
  4. Celestial Bronze — 269
  5. Philosophers Stone — 316

Here’s a complete picture of the total loot for the week (minus cable):

See the interactive version here


During week eight Cutieneers sourced 1,8K schematics.

Only half of them were corrupted.The other half was ready to start crafting.

The most common schematics were:

  1. Schematic: Egg Thief Gang Bracelets — 281
  2. Schematic: Gang Scrap Rewired Gauntlet — 188
  3. Schematic: Militech Power Gauntlet — 129
  4. Schematic: Written word of Eggbert — 121
  5. Schematic: Wrath of the Ascended Mask — 62

The rarest were:

  1. Schematic: Cyan Scrap Sword — 1
  2. Schematic: The Egg Shrine — 3
  3. Schematic: Militech Rail Turret — 3
  4. Schematic: Egg Priest Scepter — 4
  5. Schematic: Gang Scrap Companion — 5

Here’s a complete picture of the total schematics for the week:

See the interactive version here

Epic loot

Raid bosses hold the best rewards of the season — two lootboxes of great gifts.

During week nine:

Neon District is once again fallen into red lizard paws. A crew by Player 591219257 has claimed all the top spots.

The previous week’s leader is gone, leaving no one to challenge this band of little dragons.

Screenshot 2021 10 28 at 20 07 51

Cutieneer, who got to second place last week, has decisively taken over Abandoned Subway Station. Fighters trained by Tiifu have left everyone else biting the dust.

image 6

Everything changed in Ruins of Nyoto. No one from the last week’s leaders remains. And we are stoked to welcome Tiifu, Viracocha, and Dimich to the top. The competition to rule the seas is as intense as ever.

image 7

Gilan and 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue have kept their spots in the elite of TronTec Tower Network. It’s the third week they are fighting for dominance in this adventure. And this week, their fighters are joined by Darak’s champion.

image 8

🐶⛑ Doge Rescue is on a roll in Soranus Facility. It’s the fourth week they are in the top of this adventure. But this time, they are joined by Gilan whose fighters achieved the same number of victories.

image 9

Raid champions

On week nine, the maximum number of raid victories for a Cutie was 21.

And two Cuties by Aurora achieved that result.

image 10

Tournament champions

This week, the maximum number of tournament victories for a Cutie was 16.

And two Cuties managed this.

image 11

Keep training fierce fighters!

Stay tuned for more fun stats and news.

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