Season VI Is Here!

Season VI Is Here!
Season VI Is Here!

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our brand new season!

It’s dark, it’s futuristic, and it has everything you love about BCU events with a super generous serving of never-seen-before features and updates.

The story

Can you defeat evil once and for all? Can you flyswatter an eternal demon so hard that he never returns?

It seems that every victory in Cutieland spirals the world into more darkness and violence. While one region is healing, another gets inflamed.

There’s no rest for the little heroes. It’s time to march towards the lands of TRON, where the nemesis of all that’s adorable once again reared his ugly head.

Season paths and rewards

Season IV has two reward paths — basic and premium.

Each contains a huge amount of awesome rewards.

To get on the premium path and open 100% of the season’s treasures, you will need to get a season pass.

There are three options to choose from:

New adventures

Season VI brings five new adventures for you to explore.

Neon District is open for all.

Abandoned Subway Station is open for Blue Override Subway Station Card holders of LVL 3–12.

Sinking City Ruins is open to LVL 5–12 Cuties wearing a full diver suit and holding a Full Scuba Oxygen Tank.

TronTec Tower Network is open to LVL 7–12 Cuties wearing a Network Implant and holding a TronTec Access Key.

Secret Laboratory is open for heroes of season IV as well as Coin Artist and Codename Lila Cuties.

New raid boss

Meet Dr. Eireen Holmes. An evil scientist who never bothers herself with ethics.

Just look at her lab!

This creature must be stopped before any more Cuties suffer at her paws.

New Heroes

On Season IV special sale page, you can get your hands on incredible futuristic heroes.

Some are augmented to the max.

Some have a higher purpose.

And some have cheated death itself.

Choose your season IV champion here:


Guessable crafting

Try to combine crafting elements to unlock the recipes for ingredients, consumables, and more.

Recipe crafting

We added more than 50 new crafting recipes for you to explore!

Futuristic equipment sets, lootboxes, consumables, and more are up for grabs in the crafting section.

*Make sure to get your hands on the season pass to get access to all recipes.

New shopping opportunities

Paw Shop

Paw Shop has a new selection of items for you to explore.

There is new gear

and new ingredients.

Hot Shop

A brand new store has appeared in the game.

Hot Shop is a place where you can get all kinds of season essentials using BCU Off-chain Currencies.

We hope you will enjoy the season!

Stay tuned for more details, news, and stats.

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