Season’s Greatest Bounty

Season's Greatest Bounty
Season's Greatest Bounty

Challenging Skadi is one of the best things you can do.

The rewards of this epic raid are mindblowing. It might be the biggest bounty ever.

In this post, we will go through all the things you can get from sending your armies against Skadi.

Rewards anyone can get

Skadi has rewards for every raid participant.

You don’t have to make it to the top three to get a chance to get these goodies.

Some of those rewards are unambiguous. Those are:

  • Keys to season adventures
  • Season points
  • Season adventure and raid energy potions
  • Regular Toolkits

While some are more interesting.

Royal Sealed Scroll of Blacksmithing

Royal Sealed Scroll of Blacksmithing — is the biggest blueprint library you can get. It contains:

  • Blizzard Trooper Laser SMG Blueprint — 6.0%
  • Blizzard Trooper Helmet Blueprint — 6.0%
  • Blizzard Trooper Thermal Armor Blueprint — 6.0%
  • Blizzard Trooper Handguards Blueprint — 6.0%
  • Blizzard Trooper Heavy Laser Turret Blueprint — 6.0%
  • Nightblade of the Watch Blueprint — 1.0%
  • Hood Of The Watch Blueprint — 11.0%
  • Fur Armor of the Watch Blueprint — 11.0%
  • Spiked Shield of the Watch Blueprint — 11.0%
  • Sanctuary of the Watch Blueprint — 11.0%
  • Blueprint Scraps (Personal) x4–15.0%

Skadi’s Chest of the Epic Hunt

Skadi’s Chest of the Epic Hunt is one of the coolest lootboxes in the entire season. We bet everyone will want at least a hundred. This lootbox contains:

  • Skadi’s Spear of the Hunt Blueprint — 5.02%
  • Skadi’s Eyes of the Hunter Blueprint — 5.02%
  • Skadi’s Fur Armor Blueprint — 5.02%
  • Skadi’s Leather Bracers Blueprint — 5.02%
  • Skadi’s Bow and Quiver Blueprint — 5.02%
  • Skadi’s Gold Chest of the Epic Hunt (Personal) — 9.935%
  • Runic Loot Chest (Personal) x7–9.935%
  • Fimbulwinter Season Points (Personal) x100–9.935%
  • Royal Sealed Scroll of Blacksmithing (Personal) — 11.04%
  • Sealed Advanced Scroll of Blacksmithing (Personal) x2–14.195%
  • Sealed Basic Scroll of Blacksmithing (Personal) x3–19.87%

Skadi’s Gold Chest of the Epic Hunt

There’s something super special among those prizes. It’s Skadi’s Gold Chest of the Epic Hunt. This is the best lootbox ever. It’s full of epic gear and even has a Cutie crafting token. It contains:

  • Skadi Crafting Token — 4.055%
  • Cursed Sword of Permafrost (Personal) — 4.765%
  • Ice Crystal Javelins (Personal) — 4.765%
  • Iceplate Helmet (Personal) — 7.625%
  • Iceplate Armor (Personal) — 7.625%
  • Iceplate Shield (Personal) — 7.625%
  • Skadi’s Spear of the Hunt Blueprint — 12.71%
  • Skadi’s Eyes of the Hunter Blueprint — 12.71%
  • Skadi’s Fur Armor Blueprint — 12.71%
  • Skadi’s Leather Bracers Blueprint — 12.71%
  • Skadi’s Bow and Quiver Blueprint — 12.71%

Should I strive for the top?

You have a chance to get all the rewards above if at least one of your Cuties wins and deals some damage to Skadi.

But there’s only one way to get what you want for sure. It’s being in the raid’s top three and getting guaranteed rewards.

The most exclusive of them are:

  • Keys to Mount Sudarl adventure
  • Fimbulwinter Adventure Capacity Crystals
  • Skadi’s Chests of the Epic Hunt
  • Royal Sealed Scrolls of Blacksmithing

The top one player also gets one blueprint for an item from Skadi’s set.

When to send my Cuties?

Send your Cuties out as soon as possible!

Each time Skadi gets defeated, she returns stronger. Right now, the victory is more than likely, but this could change as Skadi gets angrier with every defeat.

However, the good news is that Skadi’s rewards grow together with her power. The more powerful the boss, the more prizes are up for grabs.

Good luck in the raid, Cutieneers!

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