Smooth Criminal: New Tribute Cat Discovered

Smooth Criminal: New Tribute Cat Discovered
Smooth Criminal: New Tribute Cat Discovered

With all of the season’s craziness, we missed a brand new breeding achievement.

It turns out that a celebrity tribute cat has appeared in Cutieland.

Tribute cuties are unique-looking pets hidden in the game. Only a specific combination of genes can get you one in the process of breeding. You can view all the tribute cuties discovered in the game here.

Check out the tribute Cutie breeding guide here.

This VIC (very important Cutie) is inspired by Vito Corleone’s cat. It was staring in a scene of Connie Corleone’s wedding ceremony gracing the godfather’s lap.

The cat held by Marlon Brando in the scene was a stray found while on the lot at Paramount. The original script did not include the cat, but this adorable furball still made it to stardom.

In Blockchain Cuties Universe, the godfather’s cat looks like the movie star and rocks a fashionable bowtie.

First Godfather!! by DAD

The tribute has an experience bonus and an impressive boost in the earth element, thanks to its golden attribute.

The first godfather is Cutieland appeared on EOS and was bred by DAD.

Congratulations to DAD!

Getting to godfather tribute seems to be a long process.

While godfather’s parents are cats, he has a long heritage that includes other species like bears and hedgehogs.

It’s great to see Cutieneers returning to tribute hunting.

If you want to start breeding tribute Cuties yourself, check out this post to get started.

Good luck!

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