Sneak Peeks: New Collabs

Sneak Peeks: New Collabs
Sneak Peeks: New Collabs

This spring and summer are going to be super exciting.

Apart from an entirely new season event, we have many updates and collaborations lined up.

In this post, we will talk about the upcoming collabs and give a few hints on what you can expect.

Collaborating with other projects in the crypto space is always fun and rewarding. New people are coming to Cutieland, and something completely new appears in-game.

This spring, we’re super excited for our collabs with iMe Smart Platform and DAFI Protocol.

iMe Platform

We love Telegram. Most of the player chats, discussions, and trading are going on in its cozy chatrooms.

So teaming up with iMe is an absolute win.

iMe provides additional features to enhance your Telegram experience, and they also have a built-in non-custodian crypto wallet.

Very soon, you will be able to see, send, and share your Cuties via Telegram.

What’s more, you will be able to manage your $BCUG tokens right in the app.

It feels like the bright future of crypto is already on our doorstep.

DAFI Protocol

Our collab with DAFI Protocol is all about enhancing and strengthening $BCUG tokenomics system.

DAFI Protocol is a solution that helps decentralized projects support their early adopters with special rewards even in bearish market conditions.

With the help of DAFI, we will create synthetics (dTokens) $dBCUG to airdrop to our community.

Find out how $dBCUG will work here.

Sneak Peeks

We’re preparing some super exclusive Cuties to celebrate each of the collabs.

Some heroes are serious.

Some are a bit goofy.

And some are absolutely out of this world.

All of them are coming to the game!

Upcoming collabs will bring new opportunities, perks, and giveaways for you guys.

So watch out for the news on our Twitter and other social media not to miss out.

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