Sneak Peeks: Treasures of Season IV

Sneak Peeks: Treasures of Season IV
Sneak Peeks: Treasures of Season IV

Season IV is in beta testing!

That means that we are weeks or maybe even days away from the launch.

In today’s post, we will be sharing some exciting sneak peeks of treasures, you will get in Season IV special adventure and raid.

Special adventure treasure

Several amazing items are waiting for you in season’s traditional special adventure.

And here are our favorites!

Best hat since the pumpkin one

Do you know those raccoon hats people wear in real life?

It’s a super weird thing to put another creature on your head, but it’s sure to make a statement.

In Blockchain Cuties Universe, a coonskin cap would look even weirder. So we took some inspiration from creatures Cuties could hunt, to make it all come together.

Please welcome the best hat of the season!

On a Cutie, it will look like this:

It’s safe to say that this hat will make any outfit stand out.

Weapon your enemies will hate

There are famous weapons that you instantly recognize. And this one is one of them.

From the darkest dungeons of Cutieland, we present you the hook!

Yes! The one with the chain and all.

An iconic weapon that will make your enemies slightly annoyed.

Best protection

Since everybody needs to wear a mask these days, Cuties also want to follow the trend. But in a cool way.

So we prepared a cyberpunk facemask to keep your Cuties safe from unwanted kisses.

A mask makes any person look socially responsible. But when a Cutie wears it, it just looks super cool.

Boss treasures

Season’s boss will mostly deal in loot boxes. And some of them will contain the items that come from a bleak dystopian future.


Grey, practical, and merciless. This weapon has a strong Orwellian feel to it.


There’s also a helmet that looks like something straight from a futuristic villain movie.


This set also includes an amazing armor that would rival Cutieneer’s favorite power armor.

Overall this set looks like this:

Super intimidating!

We hope you are ready to dress your Cuties in these awesome items.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and updates!

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