Spot Game: Find Tribute Cutie Genome

Find Tribute Cutie Genome
Find Tribute Cutie Genome

Please welcome tribute Cutie genome hunt II!

It’s time to challenge Cutieland’s breeders and investigators.

Once again, we will hide one never discovered tribute Cutie genome in our future posts and other communications.

Tribute cuties are pets inspired by famous pop culture characters. There are many of them hidden in the game. You can get one in the process of breeding. 
See the ones Cutieneers already discovered here.

Here’s how the spot game will be played:

The secret genome symbol sequence will be divided into parts.

That’s just a sample genome from a regular Cutie

We will be posting texts or pictures containing these parts during this and next week.

The hidden genome will contain symbols that are needed for the tribute Cutie and X-es, for genome parts that can have any value.

For example “XXX4XXaXX1”.

The symbols “4”, “a”, and “1” are necessary parts of the tribute genome. Getting these into a Cutie’s genome will turn it into a tribute one. And those who are marked with “X” can be anything.

When hunting for genome, look for parts on Twitter, Medium, and elsewhere on our chats, channels, and other media.

The first part of the genome will be posted first. So if you put all secret messages in the chronological order, you will get the right sequence.

Here are a couple of hints to help you search:

  • A part will be hidden in a picture
  • We will e-mail you a part
  • We will show you a part live

Getting all the parts might be a bit of a challenge, but an experienced Cutieneer will surely fill out the blanks if some parts are missing.

When you get the sequence

Once you have collected all or most parts of the genome, you can start breeding.

Get a basic understanding of the Cutie genome here and here.

If getting it right proves a challenge, you can always turn to the Cutieneer community and make it a collective effort.

We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep your eyes peeled. We’re posting the first part tomorrow.

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya in Blockchain Cuties Universe!

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