Take a Peek at New Winter Heroes

Take a Peek at New Winter Heroes
Take a Peek at New Winter Heroes

Cutieland is getting chillier by the day.

It seems like the cold is descending from the mountains and slowly taking over the land.

This winter is going to be tough.

This winter, we’re preparing a fresh and challenging event for you guys. It will have new enemies, new rewards, and of course, new crafting opportunities.

And today, we would love to share a few sneak peeks of unique winter heroes that will join the game during the event.

Too cold to handle

This mysterious fox is a part of a secret warrior clan that’s been living and training in the Cutieland’s mountains.

This warrior clan might have stayed hidden in their little village far up in the mountains, but something made them descend to the valley. 

Cuties looked in awe at the newcomers, but still, welcomed them to their cities.

Ages old traditions of discipline and magic had left their mark on these exquisite creatures. They’re light as snow and as fast as the wind. And by the looks of it, they might have ice running in its veins.

Foxes from the winter clan have amazing glowing blue eyes.

Hi-tech ninja masks.

Ice-blue fur.

And super cool fighter outfits.

Please welcome our first hero — the Ice Fox!

Lord of Winter

This lord’s family lived in the north for generations.

Accustomed to bitter cold and rough living conditions, his family always stuck together in both good and hard times.

Preparing for winter was both a necessity and an obsession for him. In the northern regions of Cutieland, winter is always at the doorstep, and one needs to be ready.

This year, the wise lord went south to take part in the famous tournaments and try his luck at trade.

He took his trusty sword,

his subtle smile,

a practical cold-weather outfit

and stepped into the world of Cutieland’s city life.

But to his horror, the winter seems to have followed him to the south. The days were getting colder, and the piercing winds seemed all too familiar. But the Cuties didn’t seem to pay much mind to the coming disaster.

Please welcome — Lord Winter!

We hope you liked these two winter heroes. Both are coming to the game during the Christmas event.

Stay tuned for more news and sneak peeks!

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