The Most Demanding Recipes of Season IV

The Most Demanding Recipes of Season IV
The Most Demanding Recipes of Season IV

Season IV has a huge crafting section. More than a hundred recipes of amazing gear are waiting to be put to action.

In this, post we will share the craziest ones of them and show you the items you can get as a result of all the investment.


Exoframe is the most demanding recipe of the season.

You will need to put all the items below to get it.

And it’s quite worth the effort. It’s a mighty armor suit that looks like it arrived straight from the future.

And it’s a part of one of the most powerful sets of the season.

Ancient Bracelets

These bracelets will make you sacrifice all your other bracelets and more.

They are an expensive piece of gear, but they look very chic and even have a raid bonus.

They are also a part of an adorable set that would make any Cutie look like it can read the stars, tarot cards, and inspect the contents of your pockets at the same time.

Champions Armor

This armor is a piece of art. It has it all: a cape, fur lining, great protection, and a luck bonus.

To craft it, you will need to sacrifice 50 other armors as well as a ton of jackets and necklaces.

And you will probably want this armor to get the full set.

Because it looks absolutely epic!

Ashen Striker

This weapon is crazy powerful. The stats are so high that any Cutie carrying it, instantly turns into a major threat for its opponents.

Crafting ingredients include other weapons. And some of them are quite rare in the game.

But this blade is probably worth it. It looks badass!

We hope you got inspired to try some of these out.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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