The Sixth Blockchain Is Coming

The Sixth Blockchain Is Coming
The Sixth Blockchain Is Coming

2021 is drawing to a close, but we are not done bringing awesomeness to Cutieland.

It’s been about one and a half years since we added a new blockchain to the game. And it’s time to expand.

It’s time to bring in new players, new opportunities, and a whole new realm to Cutieland.

We’re launching Blockchain Cuties Universe on Heco!

What the Heco?

HECO Chain is a decentralized high-efficiency energy-saving public chain. It is compatible with smart contracts and supports high-performance transactions. The endogenous token of Heco is HT.

The main features of HECO are:

  • Higher transaction performance
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Smooth cross-chain experience
  • Developer friendliness

The lands of HECO

Before the year comes to a close, a new realm will reveal itself.

It is a land of dreams.

In Cutieland, the lands of TRON are far in the future, lands of Ethereum lay in the present, while NEO and EOS remain in the fabled past.

The lands of HECO are different. Here countless timelines and narratives blend into one.

It’s a dream.

The heroes of HECO come from many lands, plots, and fortunes. You might have seen them somewhere before, but it’s hard to put your finger on it.

The launch

Blockchain Cuties will launch on HECO this December. So prepare for:

  • New heroes
  • New stories
  • New markets
  • New opportunities
  • An awesome giveaway

What’s more, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of HECO with your $BCUG!

Are you ready for this?

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