The Story of Season IV

The Story of Season IV
The Story of Season IV

Happy new week, Cutieneers!

We are stoked to say that Season IV will go live soon, and it will be one of the biggest events we’ve done so far.

Today we are sharing the lore behind Season IV.

We wrote before that this event will be all about PvP, tournaments, and epic combat.

But why Cuties are suddenly at each other’s throats?

We have all the answers. So sit back, relax, get some snacks, and enjoy the backstory.

Post-war Cutieland

Cuties have successfully defended their world against the forces of eternal winter.

The war was long and hard. It demanded new tools and new allies.

Luckily rabbits joined Cuties to fight against winter and helped to ensure spring’s victory.

Cuties celebrated their victory, but the cheer was soon replaced by tension.

Rabbits, who stood up to defend Cutieland, didn’t want to return to the dark cold tunnels underground.

Everyone agreed that rabbits deserved their place under the sun of Cutieland, but no one was willing to give up their land.

During long and hard negotiations, Cuties decided that rabbits can build their houses on the post-war battlefields. It seemed fair, but two parties were not happy with the arrangement.

Rabbits were not happy because given lands could not host all of them. While Ethereum Federation wasn’t pleased to give away a part of their territory.

The Federation didn’t want to start an open conflict with rabbits, who are skilled warriors as well as heroes of Cutieland. They tried to make the rabbits bend the knee but the proud creatures didn’t budge and pronounced their independence.

Rabitsburg became a point of interest for all the blockchain factions. It also became a source of heated debates. Post-war Cutieland was weakened, and many were afraid of separatist movements cutting up established territories into mini-states.

And it was a valid concern. A lot of Cutie soldiers didn’t know any other life besides war. Generals and other leaders were still drunk on victory and power. So Rabitsburg’s example might have brought some dangerous inspiration to the war-hardened soldiers and their superiours.

In the meantime, some soldiers and generals found a new calling by offering their services to the highest bidder. Cutieland saw its first private armies, and it was an alarming development.

Neither state had the power to fight separatists as well as to protect its citizens from abuse at the hands of new warlords.

A wave of internal conflicts took over Cutieland. Many villages were plundered, cities were occupied, and the economy took a huge hit.

Now every trader, farmer, and governor had to plan and act around new power actors in their regions.

Someone had to do something to stop the violence or at least turn it away from peaceful lands.

The way to peace

After six months of conflicts, one of the EOS leaders in the northwest, Ælla Dryhten, came up with an idea.

He hosted a big tournament in the city of Burhmere. Participating soldiers and their generals were generously rewarded in coin and glory. This created a lot of goodwill between all the participants. It was a great success for Ælla and his city, as the generals and soldiers now were willing to grant Burhmere military support this town desperately needed.

Ælla continued arranging tournaments inviting more and more warlords to participate. This allowed everyone involved to make deals and connections, leading to peace in the region.

Ælla’s tournaments were such a hit, that other governor’s soon followed suit. Cuties who bonded in tournaments started uniting, cooperating, and defending cities from plunderers.

Tournaments became a place of glory, valor, and fair competition. Many Cuties were elated to see the rise of this tradition.

Soon the most influential generals and warlords united to sign Magna Carta Gladiatorum. This document granted any city hosting tournaments protection and military support.

This was the next big step towards ensuring peace and prosperity, but internal conflicts are far from over.

Cutieland is still divided, and ambitious generals continue to lay claim on riches, lands, and glory.

The best way to get recognized and get the ball rolling is to win a tournament and strike profitable deals with its sponsors, while also keeping the hosts happy. It’s tricky. That’s why only the most strategic will get a piece of that pie.

We hope you enjoyed the story.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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