The Warring States Season Final

The Warring States Season Final
The Warring States Season Final

We’ve come to the last days of Season IV.

It was an amazing journey, and we are very grateful to each Cutieneer who decided to share it with us.

With the close of the season, there are a few things you should know.

Claim your level rewards today!

Please make sure to visit the season’s page and claim all the rewards you earned.

As soon as the timer runs out, Season IV paths will disappear. That means that no further progress or reward claiming will be possible.

So make sure not to miss out on the prizes you earned!

Adventure and fight like there’s no tomorrow

Season bonuses will disappear from all of the game’s items. So it’s your last chance to get an advantage in season’s raids, Burhmere crossroads adventure, and tournaments.

Still time to craft

Autumn’s Season recipes will stay in the game and get updated as we move through the next season.

Here are the items affected:

Spec Ops Set, Recon Set, and Night-Ops Set


Stillsuit Set, Zenkabuto Set, and Guardian Of the Eye Set

image 1

Cataphract Set, Blood Fury Set, and Chu Ko Nu Archer Set

image 2

Hallow Set, Emperor’s Set, and Champion’s Set

image 3

Strategos Collection, Bardu Set, Unholy Set, and Oblivion Set

As well as the following items:

  • Hunter’s Scythe
  • Tongue of Gulaare
  • Shield of Ostmark
  • Doomsday Sword
  • Ashen Striker
  • Emperor’s Sabre
  • The Hand of Judgement
  • The Law

After the season ends, you will be able to grind unneeded ingredients into magic dust.

Unbinding recipes

Unbinding recipes that make Season IV personal items sellable will be available for several weeks after the end of the season.

Season’s raids and adventure

Both season’s raids and the Burhmere crossroads adventure will be gone from the game by the end of the season.

image 4

So if you still want to meet the bandits, ork, or the warlord and get their rewards, you have less than two days to send your armies to season’s raids and adventures.

We hope you enjoyed Season IV

Make sure to stay tuned for the next season!

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