The Winter Season

The Winter Season
The Winter Season

All the territorial disputes, raids, and other quarrels between the warring states are cooling off.

No wonder. It’s almost impossible to wage war in this weather. Some bears fell into hibernation, cold-blooded lizards could not leave their houses for long, and most cats flat out refused to deal with this weather.

It seems that the harsh winter winds brought a long-awaited peace to Cutieland.

But the rulers of the lands were not amused. The winter seemed too cold, too silent, and too sudden to be anything ordinary.

Cuties gathered to decide what to do about this situation. There were a lot of debates, and no one seemed to be able to agree. Some wanted to migrate. Some wanted to investigate. But most Cuties were complacent and just wanted to wait out the cold. 

And then a little piglet girl came forward.

“How dare you!” she exclaimed. “How dare you be complacent when you could have prevented every crisis in this land!” she looked at the leaders of Cutieland with rage. 

“Everyone knows that there are places in Cutieland where the border between worlds is thin, and all kinds of stuff can slip through. We faced Old Winter, Morrigan, and now this horrible ork. All because you are too lazy to organize patrols in these dangerous areas!” little piglet was almost crying. “Your irresponsibility took Christmas joy from all of us!” she squealed.

No one wanted to listen to the little piglet. No one wanted to spend resources on scouting dangerous and fruitless areas for trouble. And it was too late for it anyway. The trouble was already here.

However, some of her words sank in. Cuties turned their eyes to the map and identified the region in the mountains that could be the source of this unusual cold.

The choice was simple either to face what’s coming head-on or try to survive this unnatural cold without any idea if it would ever end. The former sounded like the best bet.

Cuties pulled out all the maps of the north and marked several areas of interest. The route was set and the plan was drawn.

It was time to embark on new adventures!

Season V

Winter Season is just around the corner, and we are stoked to welcome you to the new adventures and raids.

The next season will have everything you loved from Season IV plus:

Get ready to face the harshes winter Cutieland has ever seen!

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