Three Good Reasons to Visit Yggsvar Lake

Three Good Reasons to Visit Yggsvar Lake
Three Good Reasons to Visit Yggsvar Lake

Yggsvar Lake is the first adventure of Season V.

It might seem unassuming when compared to the other season adventures and their rewards, but there are three good reasons for you to focus your troops there.

It’s free and perfect for beginners

You don’t need anything but adventure energy to send your Cuties there. No keys, no season V Cuties, and no special gear.

Cuties from level one to eight are welcome, which is perfect if you’re just starting out.

Being so accessible makes Yggsvar Lake’s risk/reward ratio extremely attractive.


All rewards on Yggsvar Lake are useful in the season. It has two basic and two rare season ingredients up for grabs.

You also have a chance to get a variety of non-season crafting ingredients that you can use or sell even after the season ends.

What’s more, you get five season points for every win.

And even if your Cutie returns unsuccessful, you still get one season point, and your Cutie gets some experience.

Tip: Dress your Cuties in season gear to improve their chances to win in season adventures.

Every win counts towards the common cause

It’s not easy to level up in the season. The daily grind can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

But thanks to Yggsvar Lake’s magic, you sometimes level up without even trying.

That’s because every win in this adventure count towards a total victory pool.

Once a total number of wins reaches a season milestone, every Cutieneer gets a level in the season.

Cutieneer community has reached more than fifteen milestones already, which means more than fifteen additional season levels for everyone.

So each win in Yggsvar Lake gives you both season points to advance your level individually and victory points to advance your level together with others.

In summary, this adventure is a win-win-win location to send your Cuties to.

Good luck with taking over Yggsvar Lake!

  1. I really feel hesitant its because maybe exploring may not be free..I just want to earn extra money for my this app could help me? Thanks and more power..

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