Top 10 Items Other Players are HODL-ing

Top 10 Items Other Players are HODL-ing
Top 10 Items Other Players are HODL-ing

Did you know that Cutieneers love hodling items?

In some cases, it’s a perfect strategy, in others, we’re left scratching our heads.

For example, it’s perfectly reasonable to stock up on adventure potions before the next event. But when Cutieneers hold on to loads of seemingly random items, our analysts have rough days at the office.

Do you want to know what fellow Cutieneers are hoarding?

If yes, strap in! We’ve got the stats.

Basic Ingredients

Hoarding non-season crafting ingredients is a sound idea. You will need them for years and years to come.

The top five most hodled ingredients are:

  1. Pine — more than 140 thousand in the game
  2. Marble — almost 90 thousand
  3. Wine — 80 thousand
  4. Copper — 67 thousand
  5. Cloth — 47 thousand

Cutie Tokens

Hoarding tokens is a double-edged sword. You can upgrade them before turning them into Cuties, but the long wait might not be the best overall strategy.

Currently, almost a hundred Ice Monsters remain unsummoned.

The top three hodled tokes are:

  • Lesser Ice Monster — 25
  • Weak Ice Monster — 22
  • Petty Ice Monster — 20

There’s still more than a week left to upgrade them into better monsters, so we think it’s a matter of time before a huge crowd of ice golems arrives in Cutieland.

Season Ingredients

Hoarding season ingredients makes little sense since they become obsolete at the end of the event.

However, some people do it. Here is how many ingredients are hidden away in Cutieneer inventories:

  • Ice Crystals — more than 1 700 000
  • Obsidian Glass — more than 110 thousand
  • Shiny Pearls — more than 36 thousand
  • DragonScales — more than 33 thousand
  • DemonBlood — more than 8 thousand

While the three bottom ingredients have more or less reasonable quantities, Ice Crystals and Obsidian Glass have a hoarding problem.


Having a good stash of consumables is a must in this game. And many Cutieneers became experts at it. Here are the top five consumables in the game:

  • Adventure Potion — almost 550 thousand
  • Potion of Fertility — almost 450 thousand
  • Elixir of Life — almost 360 thousand
  • Grand Elixir of Life — more than 170 thousand
  • Cloth Hanger — almost 120 thousand

Between the seasons is the perfect time to stock up!

Other Items

And here other items that Cutieneers love to hoard:

  1. Glasses — more than 176 thousand
  2. Silver Bracelet — almost 150 thousand
  3. Yin & Yang Necklace — almost 140 thousand
  4. Gold Bracelet — more than 130 thousand
  5. Ruby Necklace — about 130 thousand
  6. Po’s Strength Necklace — more than 116 thousand
  7. Chain Necklace — more than 112 thousand
  8. Leather Bracelet — more than 110 thousand
  9. Steel Bracelet — almost 105 thousand
  10. G’ Hat — more than 100 thousand

Just imagine how much magic dust those can make.

We hope you had fun reading this review.

HODL smart, Cutieneers!

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