Tournament Update Coming Soon

Tournament Update Coming Soon
Tournament Update Coming Soon

The next tournament update is coming to the game very soon, and there are a few things you should know about it to prepare your troops.

Tournament rules

Currently, there are three levels at which Cuties can join a particular tournament.

There are 1–3 tournaments for Cuties from level one to three, 4–6 tournaments for Cuties from level four to six, and so on.

Therefore any Cutie can meet a foe who is two levels its senior and get a major disadvantage in battle due to the difference in power.

With our next update, each tournament will accept Cuties of a single experience level. For example, there will be level one only tournaments as well as level ten only tournaments.

So there will be no power advantage for the more experienced Cuties. The battle will be all about stats, gear, and luck.

This update will help each Cutie show its skills in battle on a more even playing field.

High-stakes and low-stakes tournaments

Low-stakes tournaments will continue, as before, taking a blue potion as a bid and distributing the pool between winners.

High-stakes tournaments will take off-chain currency as a bid and distribute the bid pool between winners.

Low-stakes tournaments will have a 30% hosting fee in blue potions, while high-stakes ones will have only a 10% fee in off-chain currency.

Prize pool division

We will also update the way the prize pool is distributed, so there’s a bit more chance to get rewards even if you didn’t top the tournament.

We’re making sure that the system is both fair and inclusive.

The objective

By pushing this update, we want to give Cuties of all levels their time to shine.

And by introducing high-stakes tournaments we want to create something a bit different in the game and to give you another opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

We hope you will enjoy this new era in Cutieland.

Stay tuned for the upcoming update and the Christmas event!

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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