Transactions At No Cost Coming Soon

Transactions At No Cost Coming Soon
Transactions At No Cost Coming Soon

As we are approaching the high-stakes tournaments update, there’s something you need to know.

High-stakes tournaments — are Cutie tournaments where you can bet and win cryptocurrency.

To make high-stakes tournaments easy and cost-efficient across blockchains, we are introducing off-chain currencies.

What are off-chain currencies?

Off-chain currencies allow you to make transactions in the game without making actual blockchain transactions.

This concept works in many other industries. Each time you deposit fiat or cryptocurrency to a service provider to trade or to make purchases, you are using off-chain currencies.

For example, when you deposit money with a stock exchange broker and start trading, you are only doing real money transactions at the point of deposit or withdrawal. The rest of your transactions get handled by the broker.

The main objectives of off-chain currency are speed and cost-efficiency of your transactions.

How will off-chain currencies work in Blockchain Cuties?

At first, off-chain currencies will be used in the high-stakes tournaments to efficiently take bets and distribute rewards.

You will need to deposit some amount of cryptocurrency on your account to start. Once the blockchain transaction clears, you will be able to bet real crypto on your troops.

Using the amount you deposited, you will be able to participate in new high-stakes tournaments and win crypto instead of blue potions.

You will be able to withdraw your funds at any time.

Future of off-chain transactions

The introduction of off-chain currencies in tournaments is our first step to making your life so much easier.

We want all our players to be able to make super-fast transactions and never overpay on commissions. It is especially relevant for those playing on the Ethereum blockchain.

We’ve been working on this for the past four months, and we are super excited to show this new feature to you guys.

Stay tuned for a full guide to off-chain currencies and the high-stakes tournaments update. You will be amazed at how things will change and what we did to better the overall tournament system.

See you soon, Cutieneers!

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