Trick and Treat: Important Warning for Halloween

Trick and Treat: Important Warning for Halloween
Trick and Treat: Important Warning for Halloween

Blockchain Cuties Halloween event is almost at the doorstep. We’re making the final preparations, and the spooky fun is going to start very soon.

And you probably think you know what to expect. And yes, the good old fun of Blockchain Cuties’ events is coming. But this year, things will be a bit different. We prepared something extra for you.

Are you ready for the trick and the treat of 2020?

Let’s start with the treat.

The treat

Halloween 2020 will have more crafting opportunities than any of the spooky events we’ve hosted before.

Several cute, spooky, and blood-chilling sets are coming to the game.

To craft them, you will need to hunt down unique Halloween ingredients and put them together in the forge.

This task won’t be easy. All of the ingredients, as well as other treasures, will be heavily guarded by a very unpleasant bunch of monsters.

But Cuties are famous for their bravery. They have faced dire dangers before. Some of them are so bold that they steal treasures straight from dragon caves.

This year, monsters came up with something incredibly wicked to break Cutie resistance and finally take over Cutieland.

That is where the trick comes in.

The trick

This Halloween, we’re trying something new.

Remember those annoying cooldowns that usually get applied on a Cutie after it goes on an adventure in our events?

This year, it’s going to get even worse.

It’s going to get so bad that some Cuties will wish they have never left home.

Beware of what the monsters can do to your pets, and don’t send them out to raid the darkest sites without thinking everything through.

The trick evil vampires prepared is vicious and cruel.

So look out and get ready.

We hope you’re excited about spending Halloween in Cutieland.

Stay tuned on our social media, where we will announce the grand opening very very soon.

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