Update: Track Sales Prices on Items Market

Update: Track Sales Prices on Items Market
Update: Track Sales Prices on Items Market

We’re super thrilled about the latest items market update that we launched last week. It’s all about making your life easier and opening up more market opportunities for everyone in the Cutieneer community.

This functionality was long overdue, and now it’s finally here.

The item price tracker is live!

For the longest time, the only way to track the prices on the items market was by looking at the listed selling prices. In cases when the supply is stable, it was enough to make a decision. But in cases of rapid market change, the listed price data was less than informative. Luckily with the price tracker, you can see a history of sales prices.

Now you can see the information on past sales of each item for the previous 30 days.

Here’s what we added to the report:

  • Number of sales made in the last 30 days
  • Average sales price during the last 30 days
  • Average daily sales price for 30 previous days

These reports are available for all of the game’s items on all blockchains.

You can now see how many items of each type got sold and what was the sales price in each of the game’s cryptocurrencies.

How to get to the price tracker reports?

Visit the items market and choose an item to inspect like so:

Or choose an item in your inventory and view it in the market:

On the item’s page, you will see the summary data and the chart just below the item’s description.

With this information, you can make better decisions about:

  • Which blockchain to trade on
  • What would be the best price to sell
  • What are the best opportunities for cross-blockchain arbitrage
  • What is the best time to buy and sell

and many other aspects of trading.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature, and it will help you to skyrocket your profits.

Happy trading, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for more updates and the incoming part II of our Halloween event.

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