Watch Five Epic Tournament Fights

Watch Five Epic Tournament Fights
Watch Five Epic Tournament Fights

As we are preparing to launch the high-stakes tournaments, we’re closely monitoring the arena.

Cutie tournaments are super popular. Almost 100% of them end up completely packed. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find a spot for your Cutie since all tournaments are already full.

It’s a great success for the game, and we are stoked to see you sending your little champions to fight every single day.

And the fights are epic!

You never know who will win. The victory depends on Cutie’s stats, its equipment as well as the luck of the draw.

In this post, we’ve selected our top five favorite fights from the recent tournaments.

It’s not about the price

You probably remember the most powerful of Matic heroes.

It was Sing.

It’s a powerful Cutie indeed. But Cutieland’s breeders have found a match for him.

A regular well-equipped lizard managed to win this fight and the entire tournament.

Heavily investing in attack and defense paid off for the little dragon.

Twin fight

Have you ever wondered what happens when identical Cuties fight each other? Who wins?

It’s all about luck and equipment.

It’s amazing to see Godkiller pull through even though his gear has a bit lower stats.

The fight in season’s gear

Want to see the famous gear of season IV in action?

Here is a couple of fully equipped Cuties to demonstrate.

In this fight, you can clearly see the role of a powerful set of equipment has to play in the fight.

The fight in season’s gear II

This is another fight in full season gear. Here you can also see how powerful season bonuses can make a Cutie. In this case, a complete set ensured the victory of the Space Pirate.

Gathering a full set in a challenge, but it looks like it’s worth it.

Luck and evasion

We love an intense fight when you don’t know who will win until the very last moment.

In this fight, a Cutie with higher evasion and luck managed to survive a much more powerful opponent.

We hope you enjoyed our picks.

Get ready for the high-stakes tournaments, and stay tuned for more updates.

Good luck in future tournaments, Cutieneers!

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