Weekly Crafting Overview: Dust Crisis

Weekly Crafting Overview: Dust Crisis
Weekly Crafting Overview: Dust Crisis

Welcome to your weekly forge overview!

In this post, we will share the latest news and stats on crafting in Cutieland.

After a drop in forge activity, we see Cutieland’s enchanters come back with a vengeance. Enchanting activity skyrocketed. 

Meanwhile, recycling is still on a downward trend.

Season crafting is going great, with Cutieneers turning to more advanced recipes. However, the number of crafting operations has decreased as many Cutieneers have reached their season limits.

General statistics

Enchanted gear makes a big difference in adventures, tournaments, and raids. Many Cutieneers decided to invest their resources into powerful item sets to gain an edge in the game.

Last week:

  • Cutieneers performed 2 819 recycling operations — ↓8%
  • 21 541 997bottles of magic dust were created during recycling — ↓ 12%
  • 77 143 items were ground into magic dust — ↑1%
  • 716 items got enchanted — ↑30%
  • 549 items broke during enchantment — ↑73%
  • 541 items got repaired — ↑65%
  • The total recycling to loot ratio was 1.6% — ↑2%

An average Cutieneer:

  • Recycled 223 items — ↑46%
  • Enchanted 8 items — ↑26%

Season’s crafting

Eight new recipes got crafted during the last week:

Last week, Cutieneers used 43 crafting recipes to create 1 701 (↓22%) season items.

The top 5 season items crafted last week are:

  1. Corrupted Gang Schematic Data — crafted 447 times
  2. D.O.G.G.O — crafted 124 times
  3. Overseer Slashblade — crafted 117 times
  4. Corrupted Egg Thief Schematic Data — crafted 115 times
  5. Scuba Diving Harpoon — crafted 112 times

The top 5 rarest items in the season are:

  1. Militech Trooper Armor — crafted 1 time overall
  2. Militech Rail Turret — crafted 2 times overall
  3. The Egg Shrine — crafted 3 times overall
  4. Egg Priest Robes — crafted 3 times overall
  5. Militech Ballistic Rifle — crafted 3 times overall


Last week’s maximum level of enchantment was +4.

  • 339 items got to level +1 — ↑1%
  • 227 items got to level +2 — ↑55%
  • 104 items got to level +3 — ↑131%
  • 46 items got to level +4 — ↑109%

Enchantment picked up and made a W turn on the graph. But with the decrease in magic dust, we’re skeptical about its further upward movement.

Most of the newly enchanted items were bracelets and helmets from the game’s various sets.


The rate of recycling keeps falling. While big players manage to get enough dust thanks to their farming capacities, smaller players, who concentrate on the season, are faced with a shortage.

Magic dust production continues declining, but we expect the trend to stabilize in the near future.

We hope you enjoyed this forge overview.

Good luck with your crafting, Cutieneers!

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