Weekly Crafting Overview: Recovery

Weekly Crafting Overview: Recovery
Weekly Crafting Overview: Recovery

Welcome to your weekly forge overview!

In this post, we will share the latest news and stats on crafting in Cutieland.

The third week of the season is almost over, and we see Cutieneer reserves filling up with new crafting ingredients coupled with fresh season gear.

The market is still hungry for season’s goods, and the entire community is rushing to get the most from the event.

General statistics

Last week a lot of Cutieneers ran out of things to grind into dust. It will impact the items market, but not the immediate quantities of this resource. We will likely see a spike in magic dust quantities, as Cutieneers will claim dust from recycling the last of expired ingredients and low-value gear. After that, the overall amount is likely to fall.

Meanwhile, the season’s crafting recipes still drive away resources from the enchantment activities. But the overall number of enchantments has recovered since the week before.

During the last week:

  • Cutieneers performed 3 826 recycling operations — ↓39%
  • 30 049 087 bottles of magic dust were created during recycling — ↑ 7%
  • 105 584 items were ground into magic dust — ↓32%
  • 735 items got enchanted — ↑10%
  • 389 items broke during an enchantment — ↓5%
  • 401 items got repaired — ↓ 12%
  • The total recycling to loot ratio was 2% — ↓ 32%

An average Cutieneer:

  • Recycled 197 items — ↓ 30%
  • Enchanted 10 items — ↑ 20%

Season’s crafting

More and more recipes get explored every day. A lot of Cutieneers got their hands on their first season crafts. But the more challenging recipes remain out of reach for most players at the moment.

Last week, Cutieneers used 28 crafting recipes to create 1 372 (↓26%) season items.

The top 5 season items crafted last week are:

  1. Corrupted Gang Schematic Data — crafted 422 times
  2. Overseer Slashblade — crafted 220 times
  3. Scuba Diving Harpoon — crafted 98 times
  4. Overseer Uniform — crafted 75 times
  5. Scuba Diving Air Supply Tanks — crafted 72 times

New recipe Cutieneers explored last week was Right Bionic Strong Arm with Plasma Claws.

The top 5 rarest items in the season are:

  1. Egg Thief Gang Streetwear — crafted 9 times overall
  2. Egg Thief Gang Bracelets — crafted 9 times overall
  3. Bubblegum Whirlwind Buns — crafted 8 times overall
  4. Bubblegum Cargo Exoskeleton — crafted 5 times overall
  5. Right Bionic Strong Arm with Plasma Claws — crafted 4 times overall

And the least crafted last week are:

  1. Egg Thief Gang Bracelets — crafted 7 times
  2. Wrath of the Ascended Mask — crafted 7 times
  3. Dealer’s Black Market PDA — crafted 6 times
  4. Right Bionic Strong Arm with Plasma Claws — crafted 4 times
  5. Bubblegum Cargo Exoskeleton — crafted 3 times
  6. Bubblegum Whirlwind Buns — crafted 3 times


Last week’s maximum level of enchantment was +4.

  • 477 items got to level +1 — ↑25%
  • 164 items got to level +2 — ↓24%
  • 85 items got to level +3 — ↑57%
  • 9 items got to level +4 — ↓31%

Overall, we see a trend of recovery since the last week’s fall.

Most of the last week’s enchantments were performed on set items.

Meanwhile, the biggest amount of growth happened in the armor category.


After the last week’s overheat, things are quieting down. Most active Cutieneers got rid of their junk and jumped into the season.

But the amount of magic dust is still on the rise as Cutieneers return to claim it from past operations.

We hope you enjoyed this forge overview.

Good luck with your crafting, Cutieneers!

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