Weekly Crafting Overview: The Season Hunt

Weekly Crafting Overview: The Season Hunt
Weekly Crafting Overview: The Season Hunt

Welcome to your weekly forge overview!

In this post, we will share the latest news and stats on crafting in Cutieland.

After last week’s improvement in enchantment, Cutieland is once again looking at the season’s exhaustion. There are not enough resources to go around, and Cutieneers need to figure out new strategies to gear up their troops.

Season’s crafting is once again on the rise as Cutieneers pour the remaining resources into hi-tech gear.

General statistics

Armed with the schematics sourced from the epic raid, Cutieneers rushed to create new season gear. 

It’s quite pricey in terms of the ingredients, so a lot of resources went to ensure sufficient supply.

Last week:

  • Cutieneers performed 2 324 recycling operations — ↓18%
  • 20 001 717 bottles of magic dust were created during recycling — ↓7%
  • 79 596 items were ground into magic dust — ↑3%
  • 591 items got enchanted — ↓17%
  • 399 items broke during enchantment — ↓27%
  • 386 items got repaired — ↓28%
  • The total recycling to loot ratio was 1.6% — ↑0.6%

An average Cutieneer:

  • Recycled 239 items — ↑7%
  • Enchanted 6 items — ↓21%

Season’s crafting

One new recipe got crafted during the last week — Combat Enhancement Goggles.

Last week, Cutieneers used 44 crafting recipes to create 1 961 (↑15%) season items.

The top 5 season items crafted last week are:

  1. Overseer Slashblade — crafted 109 times
  2. Schematic: Cyan Scrap Sword — crafted 102 times
  3. Scuba Diving Harpoon — crafted 98 times
  4. Right Bionic Strong Arm with Plasma Claws — crafted 64 times
  5. Scuba Diving Air Supply Tanks — crafted 58 times

The top 5 rarest items in the season are:

  1. Combat Enhancement Goggles — crafted 1 time overall
  2. Militech Trooper Armor — crafted 4 times overall
  3. Militech Rail Turret — crafted 6 times overall
  4. Militech Ballistic Rifle — crafted 6 times overall
  5. Egg Priest Robes — crafted 9 times overall


Last week’s maximum level of enchantment was +5.

And the item enchanted to the max was Reapers Scythe.

  • 337 items got to level +1 — ↓1%
  • 188 items got to level +2 — ↓17%
  • 47 items got to level +3 — ↓55%
  • 18 items got to level +4 — ↓61%
  • 1 item got to level +5

Enchantment continues its up-and-down movement. But with the shortage of magic dust, it’s unlikely to climb too high any time soon.

On the downward slope, Cutieneers tend to enchant set weapons and armors.


Cutieneers recycled fewer lots than the week before. But these lots contained more items. At times like these optimizing your resources is a must.

The dust production keeps struggling. We expect it to recover a bit within the next week or two, but it’s not likely to reach the peaks we saw at the beginning of the season.

We hope you enjoyed this forge overview.

Good luck with your crafting, Cutieneers!

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