Welcome to Demonic Raid!

Welcome to Demonic Raid!
Welcome to Demonic Raid!

The time has come to face the coldest and scariest enemy of them all. A new threat has descended on brave warriors fighting Skadi and her minions in the north.

It is a creature of ice and rage. It carries a cursed sword and is a master of magic.

Please welcome the Ice Demon raid boss!

This monster is unrelenting in its quest to push Cuties back from the north. Each time Cuties defeat it, it returns more powerful and with better treasures in its pockets.

Here is the taste of what you can get from sending your troops against the ice demon:

You probably already seen rewards like season points, toolkits, elixirs of fortitude, as well as raid and adventure energy potions.

But there’s also something completely new.

A set of new crating recipes.

And some never seen before crafting ingredients.

With these in hand, you can start two new epic crafting projects.

Faomori Set

This set will turn your cute little pet into your adorable evil minion.

Best set ever!

Every item of this set is very powerful and has enormous season bonuses.

And the set multipliers are no joke as well.

The overall stats of this set are:

  • +25 to attack
  • +33 to defense
  • +4% to luck
  • +8% to evasion
  • +25% experience bonus
  • +30% drop bonus
  • +3 raid bonus

While the season bonuses amount to additional:

  • +46 to attack
  • +52 to defense
  • +4% to luck
  • +3% to evasion
  • +7% experience bonus
  • +11% drop bonus
  • +17 raid bonus

Darkir Tungu

Darkir Tungu is the ultimate weapon of the season.

A magic-infused sword of the ancient creature who fought the Old Gods. 

The stats are insane.

+26 attack!

But the crafting path to get it is a real challenge.

You will need to create five parts of the sword before you can assemble it.

Each part requires basic crafting ingredients and those you can get only from the Ice Demon Raid.

And the likelihood to successfully craft each of the five parts is never more than 5%.

Only the hardcore crafters can manage this.

We hope you will enjoy the new raid.

Good luck in the fight, Cutieneers!

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