Welcome to High-Stakes Tournaments!

Welcome to High-Stakes Tournaments!
Welcome to High-Stakes Tournaments!

We are delighted to welcome you to the first version of high-stakes tournaments in Blockchain Cuties Universe!

In high-stakes tournaments, you can bet cryptocurrency on your champions and take home a portion of the overall tournament prize fund if your Cutie ends up on top of the competition. 

It is a brand new way to earn cryptocurrency in the game and a completely new game mechanic we’re happy to share with you.

How high-stakes tournaments work?

High-stakes tournaments are possible with the help of off-chain currencies.

Off-chain currencies eliminate all the unnecessary transaction costs you could face while participating in the tournaments and make sure you get everything done at maximum speed.

To add off-chain currency to your wallet, visit the deposit page.

On this page, you can deposit ETH, MATIC, and TRX to your account.

You can withdraw your funds at any moment on the “Withdraw” tab.

The only transaction fees you will ever pay are the network transaction fees for deposit and withdrawal. The rest of your in-game operations with these funds are 100% free.

Once you have some of the off-chain crypto on your account, it’s time to choose a tournament.

You can locate high-stakes tournaments in the tournament table by searching for the ones with entry fees and prize pools displayed in cryptocurrency.

Once you choose the one you like, it’s time to enter the tournament and put forward your champion.

And then it’s on. Keep your fingers crossed for your Cutie to win and check on the tournament when its time runs out.

All your winnings will appear as funds in your off-chain wallet. You can withdraw those funds in real cryptocurrency at any moment on the withdrawal page.

Prize pools

You can find the prize pools for each tournament on its page.

The more participants there are, the greater the pool.

The biggest rewards go to the first and second place in the tournament. However, it’s still worth it to try for the top 4 and top 8.

Tournament rake

The high-stake tournament hosting fee is 10% of the overall prize pool.

Future development

We will be tweaking and adjusting the system following both game data and your feedback.

We’re also looking into adding additional rewards and other awesome perks for you to enjoy.

We can’t wait to see your champions perform.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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