What Can You Craft In Season IV?

Season IV craft
Season IV craft

Season IV is almost here, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the event.

As the team is adding final touches to the event, we would like to show you some of the coolest items we prepared for you.

Welcome to crafting sneak peeks!

Season IV crafting will be huge.

We’ve never made anything like it.

Apart from all the individual items, there will be more than ten awesome sets.

And we will show you some of them right now.

A new dress

We know how scandalous a bearded hog can look in a dress. So we had to add more options to further the trend.

Please welcome the new opulent dress!

Yes! Jewels, patterns, and a cape are all included.

This dress is a part of a set that will make your Cutie a fortune teller.

This set has minimal level requirements, and every Cutie will be able to wear it and become an elegant, mysterious stranger.

Desert dweller set

The next set we’ll show you, is one of the elite ones.

It will fit Cuties that are level ten or higher.

This set is for strongest of warriors in the direst situations.

We love how it turned out! It gives off the vibes of several of our favorite movies at the same time.

Super Trooper

This armor is iconic. You will instantly recognize the inspiration behind it.

Yes! It’s a trooper armor set in blood red.

With a little robot friend to match.

We would love to see armies of Cutie troopers, but this set is fit for level tens and above.

Ancient cavalry set

There will also be sets that will fit most Cuties. For example, this one’s level requirement is only five.

And it looks epic! Just look at the helmet.

This set is a full plate that will cover your Cutie head to toe.

To add security it also has a spear to keep enemies at a safe distance.

Cutie wearing it looks like a guest from another world. And we love it!

We hope you are ready to dive into the season.

Stay tuned for grand opening and more details!

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