What Items Should You Sell?

What Items Should You Sell?
What Items Should You Sell?

Since the latest market update, the items market analytics is at your fingertips. You can view the sale prices for every item in the game for the past thirty days.

That allows you to put a fair price on things and assess your opportunities.

But which item will fetch you the highest price? What Cutieneers are ready to splurge on?

In this post, we will review things that managed to fetch a pretty penny on the items market.

Biggest sales

Judging by the top sale prices, weapons and accessories are still the most expensive items in the game.

Items that got sold for more than 1000 TRX are all weapons.

And the most expensive weapon sold during the last 30 days was the Barbarian Greatsword +2. It fetched 2000TRX on the market.

Other lucrative sales were:

  • Thug’s Life Knuckles +4–1650TRX
  • Illusionary Cube — 1000TRX
  • Warlord’s Handgun — 1000TRX

Treasures from raids

Other expensive items sold were rewards from the three new raid bosses.

For example, the Gold Warboss Souvenir was sold for 649TRX.

While pieces from the Nosferatu set produced 200–300 TRX in sales. Namely:

  • Nosferatu’s Hunger — 200TRX
  • Nosferatu’s Luxury Dress — 249.5TRX
  • Nosferatu’s Wings — 324.5TRX

Pieces of the warlord’s set are also approximately in this price range. Except for his very pricey gun, that fetched a thousand TRX.


According to market dynamics, it’s safe to say that selling weapons is the most lucrative business in Cutieland.

For a reasonably rare weapon, you can charge about 200–300 TRX and get a sale.

The market is also in love with new items that just appeared in the game. Charging a higher price for them would be a good strategy.

We hope this little overview was useful.

Good luck in your trading!

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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