What Makes Your Cutie Strong?

What Makes Your Cutie Strong?
What Makes Your Cutie Strong?

Each Cutie has a set of 13 stats.

They are similar to those you see in other games, but it’s hard to guess how they work inside a real battle.

In this post, we will explain what stats mean and which ones you can improve. So you will know how to prepare your troops and how to look for best Cuties when choosing a fighter.

Innate Stats

Cutie starts the game with a complete set of stats. Some of them you can’t improve no matter what you do.

Those are the elemental bonuses.

Elemental bonuses give your Cutie an advantage or a disadvantage in most of the game’s locations.

The Cutie’s elemental bonus adds to your attack and defense.

For example, here’s a lizard with Fire -1 who went on a fire adventure.

You can see that this was a bad idea.

Stats you can change

Luckily, you can improve the rest of the stats. Initial ones do matter, but gear and consumables will take your Cutie a long way.

You can boost all of the non-elemental Cutie stats during gameplay.


Power is an attack and defense bonus. It depends on:

  • Generation
  • Level
  • Nobility

Cutie’s generation gives it a power bonus if it fights a higher generation Cutie. You can decrease your Cutie’s generation by using an Elixir of Youth.

You can increase Cutie’s level and, therefore, its power by sending it to adventures and raids.

Noble Cuties get a +1 power bonus. To make your Cutie noble, give it an Aristocracy Elixir.

Other stats

Other stats are:

  • Attack — attack bonus in combat
  • Defense — defense bonus in combat
  • Luck — a chance to ignore opponent’s defense during an attack
  • Evasion — a chance to ignore opponent’s attack
  • Raid bonus — bonus to attack and defense in raids
  • Experience bonus — bonus to experience points received after the fight
  • Drop bonus — bonus to the chance to get a prize from adventure

Each of those stats can be improved by Cutie gear.

The game has an enormous variety of gear for your Cuties, and there are countless strategies you can use.

However, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Gear sets give your Cutie additional bonuses — the more set items it wears, the bigger the boost
  • Season gear gives additional bonuses in season’s raids and adventures

We hope this was helpful, and now you know how to make a champion for your army.

Good luck, Cutieneer!

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