What Matters in Between Seasons Tournaments?

What Matters in Between Seasons Tournaments?
What Matters in Between Seasons Tournaments?

Tournaments are one of the most exciting activities in the game.

You get to choose your champion, see it go through tournament battles, and even see it fight.

In this post, we will share some stats on the most popular tournament types. We will also summarize what it takes for a Cutie to win.

Tournament types

Currently, there are three main types of tournaments in the game. We can divide them by the prizes and bets like so:

  • Dust Brawls — you bet and win Magic Duct
  • Adventure Tournaments — you bet and win Adventure Potions
  • Play-To-Earn Tournaments — you bet and win cryptocurrency

After the last season ended, the most popular among the three are Adventure Tournaments. Many Cutieneers bet their adventure potions for a chance to double, triple, or even further multiply the initial bet.

A close second in popularity are Dust Brawls, followed by Play-To-Earn tournaments.

Tournament winners

As we analyzed the winners of the postseason tournaments, a few things came to light. Even though any Cutie can get lucky, there’s a clear trend among winners. Here are a few characteristics most of them have:

Full gear

An average tournament winner is fully geared up. All five equipment slots have something in them.

Enchanted gear

Most tournament winners wear enchanted gear. The number of enchanted items and their bonuses vary, but a typical winner would have at least one or two.

Complete gear sets

An average winner of a tournament wears a set of gear. Wearing a complete item set, or at least three items from it results in additional battle bonuses. So a typical winner would have at least 3–4 items from one of the game’s item sets.

Elemental bonuses

A typical tournament winner has a major bonus to one of the tournament’s elements. The amount of these bonuses vary, but you can expect to see at least a +3 bonus in an average winner.

We hope this helps you choose your next champion.

Good luck in the fight, Cutieneers!

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