What to Expect When BCUG Appears in Cutieland?

What to Expect When BCUG Appears in Cutieland?
What to Expect When BCUG Appears in Cutieland?

As we’re moving closer to BCUG’s public sale and the whitelisting process is in full swing, it’s time to discuss the most exciting things to come in terms of the gameplay.

In this post, we will talk about the features that BCUG will bring to the game before the start of the Wars of Cutieland.

Getting BCUG

You can participate in a public sale, but that’s not the only way to get some BCUG in your wallet.

As a player, you will have an opportunity to farm BCUG by just playing the game.

The activities for mining BCUG are:

  • Trading cuties
  • Trading items
  • Crafting and recycling
  • Unlocking special achievements

Using BCUG

When you get some BCUG in your wallet, the fun begins.

You can spend it on various goods and activities or you can stake it.

Each day you stake one BCUG, you get one HERO token.

HERO token is your gateway to the most powerful Cuties and items in the game.

You will be able to use HERO tokens to buy lottery tickets for:

  • Hero rights — turns your Cutie into a Champion
  • Artifact rights — your item becomes upgradable beyond +5

Lotteries for hero and artifact rights will run weekly, and everyone who has at least one HERO token can join.

About Champions

Any Cutie will be able to become champion.

Even though regular and tribute Cuties can become champions, the best candidates for the status are uniques.

The champion will get a major boost to its stats, as well as an entry ticket to weekly champion tournaments.

About Artifacts

Items that get an artifact status will have a greater enchantment potential than any other in the game.

If played strategically, it can create the most powerful gear in the game.

Future Updates

We will add many more uses for BCUG in the game as we’re nearing the dawn of Wars of Cutieland.

In our future posts, we will discuss how BCUG will contribute to the community-driven development practice you’ve come to love during all these years.

We hope you are excited about the big launch.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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