What Top 10 Armies Are Like?

What Top 10 Armies Are Like?
What Top 10 Armies Are Like?

One of the success factors in Cutieland is the number of Cuties you have.

Of course, with a great strategy, you can still get ahead. But a great strategy coupled with a big army is unbeatable.

We have a top of the largest armies in the game on the leaderboard.

But what’s happening inside those troops?

Let’s find out!

In this post, we will share what the biggest armies of Cutieland are like.

Top 10 armies

Top ten Cutieneers own almost 75 thousand Cuties between them. That’s about 25% of the whole Cutieland.

An average top 10’er has almost no Cuties at level one. Only about 1–2% of their armies are at this stage of experience.

The same is true for levels two and three. On average, only a few percent of the top 10 armies are at those levels.

Level four has much greater numbers with about 10% on average and ten thousand total Cuties currently at that level.

Level five is much less uniform. Some of the top players have almost half of their Cuties at that level, but some have less than ten percent. So on average, a top 10 player has about 20% of Cuties at level five.

Level six is where it’s at. It’s the most crowded level in the top armies. On average, about 30% of Cuties in a top player’s army are at that level. 

Level seven is a place of great disparity. About half top players have more than 50% of their Cuties at this level. While another half has about 5% on average. A very strange dynamic, to be sure.

Elite troops start at level eight. Here the number of Cuties drops significantly. On average, a top 10 player has about 2% of their Cuties at this level.

Level nine is the least popular of them all. An average top 10 Cutieneer has less than 1% of their Cuties at this level.

Strangely, numbers go up at level ten. An average top 10 player would have about 3% of their army at that level. This might not seem like much, but that’s about 200 Cuties per player, on average, and more than two thousand combined.

Top 10 Cutie owners also have more than 40 level eleven Cuties and about 30 level twelve Cuties between them.

Now you know how top armies are structured.

We hope that proves useful.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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